Fox News Airs GREAT Trans Rights Segment, And Ben Shapiro Loses It

Fox News aired a shockingly fantastic segment in support of trans rights about trans teen Ryland Whittington, so of course conservative propagandists, including Ben Shapiro, lost their minds. (full Fox News segment)

How the “Moral Panic” of CRT Morphed Into Book Banning & Why

How the “moral panic” of critical race theory morphed into a book-banning frenzy. And, why a disparate group of billionaires, Republican politicians, televangelists, media outlets, and white supremacist militias have found common cause around a new and exciting moral panic.

What It’s Like To Battle Fox News | w/ Nomiki Konst (Part 2)

I love Nomiki but she could’ve won that argument with a simple question to the interviewer: “are you vaccinated?” He would’ve claimed hippa, or some other excuse for not answering but his lack of an answer would’ve hindered his credibility and Nomiki would’ve made her point easily.

She’s what the right likes to label an angry hysterical woman… just because she’s passionate about calling out BS.

I would suggest Nomiki to have a calmer demeanor when she’s on Fox news. Otherwise she looks like the “crazy radical feminist”. Conservatives aren’t able to follow arguments, they only catch vibes and rhetoric; yet at the same time they have this fantasy of being logical and rational. So if you want to be respected by them you have to appear calm and collected.