Fox News Airs GREAT Trans Rights Segment, And Ben Shapiro Loses It

Fox News aired a shockingly fantastic segment in support of trans rights about trans teen Ryland Whittington, so of course conservative propagandists, including Ben Shapiro, lost their minds. (full Fox News segment)

Conservative Heads EXPLODE As Reality Sets In

Conservatives get pissed after Biden drops the cold hard truth about vaccines. John Iadarola and Brett Erlich break it down on The Damage Report.

In 2015, Ben Shapiro was in favor of vaccine mandates, but now that that is an unpopular opinion amoung “conservatives” he’s changed his mind.

Here’s Why the Right is AFRAID to Debate the Left

–A compilation of moments from debates mostly between left and right-wing media personalities

00:00 David Pakman vs. Tim Pool

00:55 Joe Rogan vs. Dave Rubin

03:00 Cenk Uygur vs. Dinesh D’Souza

03:35 Sam Seder vs. Darryl Perry

05:28 Destiny vs. Tim Pool

06:31 David Pakman vs. Ben Shapiro

07:48 Kyle Kulinski vs. Michael Knowles

08:43 Joe Rogan vs. Steven Crowder

10:06 Sam Seder vs. Tim Pool

11:35 Ana Kasparian vs. Ann Coulter

13:03 Chris Hahn vs. Michael Knowles

14:29 Marianne Williamson vs. Dave Rubin

16:23 David Pakman vs. Jesse Lee Peterson

17:08 Andrew Neil vs. Ben Shapiro

18:44 Joe Rogan vs. Candace Owens

20:22 Vaush vs. Tim Pool

21:54 David Pakman vs. Dave Rubin

23:12 Sam Seder vs. Steven Crowder

Why did Ben Shapiro say that everyone has zip ties when there were several rioters in the Capitol building carrying them? What did he think they were going to use the zip ties for?

He’s being deliberately obtuse.

Ben Shapiro is not an idiot, but he’s the kind of guy who thinks that communicating poorly and acting smug when he’s misunderstood is the same thing as cleverness. And he’s the kind of guy who thinks that finding a definition that makes him technically correct is the same thing as winning an argument.

This tweet exchange is a great distillation of his entire personality. Someone asks why a regular person would even own zip-ties. In the context, it’s obvious to anyone paying attention that she’s referring to the ratcheted flexi-cuffs that the insurrectionists were carrying into the Capitol. Those have no use other than to restrain people, and have basically no legitimate uses outside of law enforcement and the military. The only people who aren’t in those fields who own one are either police/military wannabes, or people with very interesting private lives. The obvious point to the tweet is that even owning such a device (let alone bringing it with you when you break into the Capitol) shows exactly what kind of people we’re dealing with here.

Ben Shapiro, reading this, deliberately seizes on her exact words in an attempt to sound clever. After all, “zip-ties” technically refers to any kind of ratcheted cable tie, and those have many, many legitimate uses. Lots of people own them, I have a jar of them in my garage.

Of course, when it’s pointed out that those are obviously not what she meant, Shapiro throws his hands up, and responds with the classic “but you said…” After all, she said the word “zip-ties”, and that’s what “zip-ties” are, I can show you a dictionary. How was I supposed to know she was referring to police-style restraints? She didn’t say that. So I could only assume she meant the common piece of hardware! What was I supposed to do, pay the tiniest bit of attention to context? I’m technically right! I’m very clever!

This is exactly how Ben Shapiro operates. He looks for any word or phrase that someone on the other side of an argument uses, which he can then seize on, claim is wrong, and then declare victory. It doesn’t matter if the word choice has any relevance, whatsoever, to the argument in question, he’s proven the other person to be technically wrong, which means he must be technically right, which means he’s won the argument!

It’s a style of ‘debate’ that’s appealing to a certain mindset. It’s the equivalent of making fun of a typo or a grammatical error in something someone wrote, and then mocking them for being stupid, rather than paying any attention to something they’re actually saying. It has nothing to do with actually proving you’re right, and is based only on trying to embarrass your opponent. It’s the kind of thing you say when you’re fully focused on a very shallow version of “winning” rather than actually engaging or addressing anyone’s argument.

If your goal is to gain knowledge, understand perspectives, and change minds, it’s a deeply stupid strategy. But if your goal is to get retweeted because you “pwn’d teh libs”, then it’s actually very effective. Ben Shapiro knows exactly what he’s doing.