How the “Moral Panic” of CRT Morphed Into Book Banning & Why

How the “moral panic” of critical race theory morphed into a book-banning frenzy. And, why a disparate group of billionaires, Republican politicians, televangelists, media outlets, and white supremacist militias have found common cause around a new and exciting moral panic.

Thom Hartmann On Whether America Will Survive Trump

Will America fall like the Roman Empire and will Trump be to blame? John Iadarola and Thom Hartmann break it down on The Damage Report.


the study that came
out of but it was Princeton a few years
ago the Gilens and Page Study that found
that the political desires of the top
ten percent of Americans economically
are regularly enacted into law the
political desires of the bottom ninety
percent of Americans the probability of
their being turned into a law in any
given year is equivalent to random noise
yeah that’s the sign of a dying Republic
and and that is by itself very scary and
and your article which is available on
common dreams I believe that lays out
some of the Supreme Court decisions that
have moved us to this point where these
petro billionaires and billionaires of
other sorts are able to translate their
economic power into political powe