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About me

I was Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) and raised in Akron, Pennsylvania (USA). I studied history (my major) at Conrad Grebel and the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

I grew up in, and live in Akron, PA.

I work for Paul B. Zimmerman Inc as a computer programmer.

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Neotext: Open Source Project

I’ve created an open source  WordPress plugin that allows web authors to demonstrate the context of their citations.

Web Material I’ve put together

What the Creator of the Email Protocol can teach us about Politics and Religion
Jon Postel said: “Be conservative in what you send and liberal in what you accept”.
Journalists and Technologists Should Collaborate to Build More Trustworthy Media
How technologists can build systems that allow writers to create more trustworthy content, including a description of my Neotext WordPress plugin.
Review: Ted Nelson’s Philosophy of Hypertext
Ted Nelson coined the word hypertext in 1962 and was the original visionary behind the world wide web.  This article reviews his Ph.D. paper, written in 2003. (~11,000 words)
What would Martin Luther Post today?
If Martin Luther were alive today, what would be his message of reform and how would he post it?
An Open Letter to Apple Enthusiasts
I would be willing to pay 11% more for a more ethically-sourced iPad..
Socratic Dialogue: The Consummation of Knowledge
A little dialogue I wrote after taking an introduction to political philosophy class in college. At the time there was much talk about creating a framework for an electronic economy where “producers” would create “compelling content”, which would be “consumed” by “consumers”.
Socratic Diaglog: Gorgias (Not my own, but compiled and formatted)
Socrates discusses the nature of “rhetoric” and “justice” with a Sophist named Gorgias. Socrates argues that it is better to die a righteous victim than to kill, foreshadowing his own death and the death of Christ.

  • Bicycling, Hiking
  • Computers and their Social impact
  • Photography
  • Singing


  • My parents, Ken and Marilyn
  • My brother, Matt