Let’s talk about Trump’s denials from the committee….


It should be noted that at some point since filming the president gave the weirdly specific denial that he never said “Mike Pence deserves it”


When you said “I dont think that was the allegation specifically, but okay”, that hit me good. The oddly specific denials always say a lot.


His reaction is further evidence of his mindset and how he continues to ignore the real issues and significance of Jan 6th. He spends no time thinking about the danger and damage now just like he didn’t on the 6th.
I think what was chilling and telling in hearing the testimony of Mike Flynn when he was asked “Do you believe in the peaceful transfer of power?” and he pleaded the 5th.
25 year old staffer has more spine and morals than a retired general.
I agree. After hearing accounts of his staff trying to talk down a megalomaniacal toddler amid an attempted coup, it’s interesting what things he chose to react to. And “I don’t know who this/that/any person is, but I hear bad things about them’? How many times have we heard that?
His lawyers would never let him testify. He can’t ever stop lying. They know this.
Exactly – it’s not a trial. It is akin to a grand jury. Determine if there is enough evidence to prosecute. We are only seeing 3% of the testimonies. The DOJ wants all transcripts, and they should get them. It will be interesting when they do get them, and what they do about it…. Thanks (as always) for your take on things. It’s just a thought…. 😉
Typical behavior for a narcissist. Deny, lie, insult, lie some more (gaslight). Add: of course it’s about his image; he’s too empty inside for anything else to matter.
“We’re going to get all the best people” but he barely knew her and heard bad things about her? 😂
As usual, Trump is following his pattern of denying he knows a person and yet saying he “heard very negative things about her” which indicate his guilt by reacting so defensively.
This woman had more courage than those who refuse to talk.
The “I don’t know who this person is” is just a reflex by Trump at this point. He trots out that old nag at every opportunity and I really hope media will start pointing that out instead of addressing it. Just a “Trump doing a Trump” and not even bothering explaining why it is a lie.
If you ever notice Trumps stories they are all the same type, only the names change.
I don’t see how the DOJ doesn’t bring charges after todays testimony.
I love that all the things he denied will have at least two other people who were present. I can’t wait for the other witnesses to speak out about their experiences.
Because he’s basically saying ‘yeah, I did that. I set that up, and I’d do it again’. He’s not denying the important stuff.
When I saw the BBC homepage banner and picture after work, my very first thought was “she’s easy to look at, who is she?” And after every thing Trump has shone himself to be, the idea that he has no idea who she is is Remarkably telling.
Sociopathic Narcissistic folks always forget the quiet, smart folks around them LISTENING. Ms Hutchinson is one of them. Bless Her.
Yeah, I don’t believe he didn’t throw temper-tantrums. Guy that owns the company I work for is cut from the same (albeit a smaller piece of) cloth. Born rich, easy life. If he doesn’t get his way, if anyone impugns his innate superiority, heck, if someone has a nicer car, he pitches a fit. And yes, he’s a dedicated Trump supporter. Luckily he just owns things, we don’t see him often.
It’s more than suspicious when someone denies a very specific allegation that no one made.
Spot-on. The DOJ has been sitting on the Meadows contempt charge. Time to move now, General Garland?
I’ve never heard someone not remember someone in so much detail.
Yea protect that woman at all costs. I bet her life is in danger tonight.
There’s never been a better example of a sociopath to be recorded in modern history until now.
What you deny says more about what you did do, than what you didn’t do.
Yes, today’s testimony was incredibly serious. However, every time I see someone throwing food in anger, it will be called a “trumper-tantrum.”
True–his “tell” is what he cares about.
Her desk was a 5-6 second walk from the Oval Office.
Early he said she was bitter because she didn’t get a job at Maralargo after he left office. 🙄 The tantrums are entertainment value. The guys indicting they knew what was going to happen on January 6th long before January 6th is evidence.

How to tell what the Republicans are going to do next.

Published: Nov 8, 2021



I’m a small-government conservative ..

How are you (a non-Republican) so good at consistently predicting what the Republicans will do next?

I’m a Republican and I can’t guess what they’re going to do next!

Could you please send me whatever method you use to make your predictions?


Scroll down to see video about 14 characteristics

Let’s talk about 14 characteristics, 10 stages, and where you are….

Published: July 1, 2019


1) Lawrence Britt: 14 Characteristics

2) Umberto Eco’s:  2003 article



well howdy there internet people let’s
bow again so tonight we’re going to talk
about 14 characteristics and ten stages
if you know where this is going to stick
around you’re gonna find out something
you don’t know at the end so I’m gonna
list 14 characteristics of a certain
kind of government give you examples of
the ones that aren’t plainly obvious and
then we’re going to talk about something
so those fourteen characteristics first
of which is powerful and continuing
displays of nationalism you know picture
flags on everything very patriotic
slogans Trump hugging the flag the next
is a disdain for human rights that
should be plainly obvious you know
support of torture black sites
concentration camps that sort of thing
identifying enemies and scapegoats us
and them those Muslims those those
illegals we got enough of the bad people
are right the others supremacy of the
military in these regimes even if there
are widespread problems at home the
military receives a ridiculous portion
of the budget like here rampant sexism
that one should be obvious grabber by
the she’s a good pizza yeah she was
pretty obvious the other thing that’s
interesting is that in this category
also is included discrimination against
gays and opposition to abortion seems
cooler along the nose doesn’t it just
see you know this was written in 2003
it wasn’t tailor-made for Trump it just
seems like it is control of the mass
media is really important to these kinds
of regimes maybe suggesting that there’s
a state-run news outlet to counter all
the fake news
there’s a an obsession with national
security and this is more about
governing through fear we’ve got to tell
you who to be afraid of so we can tell
you we’re gonna protect you from them
and you’ll give us your rights in order
to do that it’s what it’s about the
blending of religion and government now
this is really just innately American
there’s always been religious rhetoric
in government since very early on very
early on the one ripe I have with this
list is it says that corporate power is
protected whereas most other experts on
this subject would say that corporate
power and government are blended not
just protected and this would be you
know the privatization of government
functions like prisons detainment
facilities contracting along the border
these kinds of things and an obsession
with the corporate well-being of
entities within the country labor
suppression now that one’s a little a
little more obscure but let’s just say
in the u.s. there are two agencies that
deal with unions one regulates the
unions and make sure that they’re not
doing anything wrong the other regulates
the companies that have unions one of
these had their budgets slashed the one
that regulates the companies the other
had their budget increase the one that
regulates the unions a disdain for
intellectuals in the arts I love
uneducated voters an obsession with
crime and punishment I’ll pardon those
people that do stuff wrong because you
want to punish those you feel that are
doing something illegal and it extends
to creating a situation where the police
can get away with anything bang their
head you don’t have to treat them too
Koni ISM and corruption I’m fairly
certain that nepotism would fall under
that or using government funds to go to
your own hotels and then the last one is
fraudulent elections see the most recent
Supreme Court case most of the time this
is accomplished through judicial review
and gerrymandering these are the
fourteen characteristics of fascism you
are here to those that are saying well
that doesn’t sound so bad there’s never
been a fascist regime in history that
did not go through these ten stages the
first of which is classification that’s
where you divide them up us and them
good guys and bad guys
the next is symbolization where we
define them by other terms you know not
people but illegals maybe come up with
other terms to use them for and we
create a mascot form a boogeyman to
scare everybody with like ms-13 next is
discrimination and that is where we
start to deny the rights now
historically this is done through
legislation in the u.s. we’re just
saying oh they don’t have them because
they’re illegal but they do
constitutionally that precedent has been
set for a very very very long time
the next is dehumanization and you know
that’s where they become animals and
disease carriers why we’ve got to check
them at the border right because they’re
all just dirty brown people so really on
the nose isn’t it the next stage is
organization and that’s where the
militias start to pop up and you see a
lot of replacements in government
positions shaking things up and there’s
a cuttin a lot of times it’s a
decentralized network that pulls this
stuff together
then there’s polarization and that’s
where you have hate groups start to
and become very vocal and they
mainstream these ideas
don’t worry though there’s nice people
on both sides then we get to preparation
and this is more mental preparation of
you where they start using terms like
purifying the nation mass removal well
they won’t assimilate they’re not really
part of us are a we’ve got to do
something about and then we get to
persecution and that’s concentration
camps that’s when those show up you are
here the next step the next stage is
extermination the stage after that is
denial yeah that’s that’s where crap
we’re really close and right now there’s
people saying you know we’re not going
to commit genocide that’s ridiculous
mm-hmm maybe but genocide like the term
ethnic cleansing is misunderstood in the
United States genocide doesn’t just mean
mass killings it’s not what it means
like ethnic cleansing and genocide are
not interchangeable terms
aetna cleansing could be renaming street
signs if at the end of World War two
when we had control of Berlin we renamed
all the roads after us generals that
would be ethnic cleansing that there’s
the common usage and then there’s the
legal term under the legal term of
genocide there are five components five
things that qualify one is the forcible
transfer of children to another group
that one’s already happening not just
their adoption but in a truly American
twist we’re taking them and putting them
into facilities where because of the
cronyism our friends are making money
that one’s already happening the next
one is to prevent births from that
target group because you know we got to
get rid of those anchor babies right
already happening deliberately
inflicting poor conditions on that group
and in hopes of destroying them in part
such as well you know they don’t need
soap toothbrushes or beds food already
happening doing things to intentionally
cause them physical and mental harm
child separation the conditions in these
camps already happening in fact the only
one that isn’t happening under the the
legal definition the genocide is mass
killings that’s it you are here
it’s a little sobering but it’s
something that I think we really need to
pay attention to you have all of these
these lists that have been around a long
long time and we’re matching them up
almost like we’re following them like a
blueprint and nobody wants to dare call
it what it is
I don’t normally at the end of my videos
I don’t normally say hey share this
share this one there there are people
that need to understand this they need
to understand where we’re at because
very soon they’re gonna have their have
to make a choice are they gonna double
down on their mistake or are they gonna
attempt to correct it are they gonna
speak out anyway it’s just a fault
y’all have a good night

Let’s talk about Flynn and comments….

Published: Nov 15, 2021


Michael Flynn: If we’re going to have One Nation Under God (which we must), We need ONE RELIGION.


Lawrence Britt: 14 Characteristics