Let’s talk about Trump’s denials from the committee….


It should be noted that at some point since filming the president gave the weirdly specific denial that he never said “Mike Pence deserves it”


When you said “I dont think that was the allegation specifically, but okay”, that hit me good. The oddly specific denials always say a lot.


His reaction is further evidence of his mindset and how he continues to ignore the real issues and significance of Jan 6th. He spends no time thinking about the danger and damage now just like he didn’t on the 6th.
I think what was chilling and telling in hearing the testimony of Mike Flynn when he was asked “Do you believe in the peaceful transfer of power?” and he pleaded the 5th.
25 year old staffer has more spine and morals than a retired general.
I agree. After hearing accounts of his staff trying to talk down a megalomaniacal toddler amid an attempted coup, it’s interesting what things he chose to react to. And “I don’t know who this/that/any person is, but I hear bad things about them’? How many times have we heard that?
His lawyers would never let him testify. He can’t ever stop lying. They know this.
Exactly – it’s not a trial. It is akin to a grand jury. Determine if there is enough evidence to prosecute. We are only seeing 3% of the testimonies. The DOJ wants all transcripts, and they should get them. It will be interesting when they do get them, and what they do about it…. Thanks (as always) for your take on things. It’s just a thought…. 😉
Typical behavior for a narcissist. Deny, lie, insult, lie some more (gaslight). Add: of course it’s about his image; he’s too empty inside for anything else to matter.
“We’re going to get all the best people” but he barely knew her and heard bad things about her? 😂
As usual, Trump is following his pattern of denying he knows a person and yet saying he “heard very negative things about her” which indicate his guilt by reacting so defensively.
This woman had more courage than those who refuse to talk.
The “I don’t know who this person is” is just a reflex by Trump at this point. He trots out that old nag at every opportunity and I really hope media will start pointing that out instead of addressing it. Just a “Trump doing a Trump” and not even bothering explaining why it is a lie.
If you ever notice Trumps stories they are all the same type, only the names change.
I don’t see how the DOJ doesn’t bring charges after todays testimony.
I love that all the things he denied will have at least two other people who were present. I can’t wait for the other witnesses to speak out about their experiences.
Because he’s basically saying ‘yeah, I did that. I set that up, and I’d do it again’. He’s not denying the important stuff.
When I saw the BBC homepage banner and picture after work, my very first thought was “she’s easy to look at, who is she?” And after every thing Trump has shone himself to be, the idea that he has no idea who she is is Remarkably telling.
Sociopathic Narcissistic folks always forget the quiet, smart folks around them LISTENING. Ms Hutchinson is one of them. Bless Her.
Yeah, I don’t believe he didn’t throw temper-tantrums. Guy that owns the company I work for is cut from the same (albeit a smaller piece of) cloth. Born rich, easy life. If he doesn’t get his way, if anyone impugns his innate superiority, heck, if someone has a nicer car, he pitches a fit. And yes, he’s a dedicated Trump supporter. Luckily he just owns things, we don’t see him often.
It’s more than suspicious when someone denies a very specific allegation that no one made.
Spot-on. The DOJ has been sitting on the Meadows contempt charge. Time to move now, General Garland?
I’ve never heard someone not remember someone in so much detail.
Yea protect that woman at all costs. I bet her life is in danger tonight.
There’s never been a better example of a sociopath to be recorded in modern history until now.
What you deny says more about what you did do, than what you didn’t do.
Yes, today’s testimony was incredibly serious. However, every time I see someone throwing food in anger, it will be called a “trumper-tantrum.”
True–his “tell” is what he cares about.
Her desk was a 5-6 second walk from the Oval Office.
Early he said she was bitter because she didn’t get a job at Maralargo after he left office. 🙄 The tantrums are entertainment value. The guys indicting they knew what was going to happen on January 6th long before January 6th is evidence.