Rush Limbaugh’s Evasive Embrace of Donald Trump

“Do you understand that I always have a purpose? Do you realize nothing is haphazard? You’re wondering why I’m supporting Trump. Who says I am? Have I announced specifically that I am, or are you perceiving it? A better question would be: If you think that, why? And I can’t go any further. I did with my brother last night. It’s on record, if I have to go back and prove this, and I told Snerdley this morning about this. But I can’t go any further here. It is what it is. I know it’s a cliche.”

So there you go.

Limbaugh always has a purpose, and those who’ve been listening long enough, if they have sufficient intelligence, will discern it, or at least fall back on their general confidence in him. Put another way, his incentives—as an entertainer—may diverge from those of his audience. His listeners should recognize his evasiveness and that their trust in him is misplaced. Conservatives who’ve been complicit in this farce for years should come clean.

Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump

Like certain politicians in the Weimar Republic, he’s found a largely defenseless group to pick on — who also happen to be reviled by a bankable minority of the electorate.

.. I asked Alexandra what was it about the Mexican people that made her proud.

“They work very hard even though they don’t get paid,” she said.

.. In other words, Mr. Trump has put another chip on our shoulders. That’s what happens when you attack an entire people: You add a new chapter to their story of overcoming obstacles. My family and friends will remember the summer of 2015 as the season The Donald entered our lives, via a Telemundo news report, or in links shared on social media.