Therapists: Would you be willing to take former President Donald Trump as a client (assuming he was willing or court mandated to get therapy)? Why or why not?

Of course, in part based on this 1980 interview . . .here’s about five minutes of it.

This former president giving candid opinions in his early 30’s. There are many clues and cues there suggesting the best way to approach him. One in particular is that he seems to thrive on attention and acknowledgement, perhaps more than most. Psychotherapy provides that better than anything.

I suspect that if guaranteed absolute privacy and confidentiality, accurate empathy and unconditional positive regard, he would speak honestly about his feelings — assured that no one would ever hear what he was saying.

More than the average person, he would in effect be “talking to himself,” perhaps with the therapist as more like a safe, respectful prop. We can’t know.

I would jump at the chance to Donald Trump’s therapist, but probably not it if was mandated, since that would not have the element of utter privacy. If he wanted to see someone who would never even acknowledge the therapy took place, and who could provide absolute privacy? I’d get in line for sure.

AXIOS on HBO: President Trump Exclusive Interview (Full Episode) | HBO

On the return of Axios on HBO, Axios National Political Correspondent, Jonathan Swan, speaks with President Donald Trump about multiple topics including the coronavirus crisis, the Black Lives Matter movement, the November election, and U.S. Foreign Policy in Afghanistan, China, and Russia. Axios On HBO airs Mondays at 11pm. #HBO #AxiosOnHBO

Dripping-Sweaty Trump Destroyed on Fox, Historic Implosion

–Donald Trump is interviewed by Fox News’ Chris Wallace and it becomes a historic fiasco, with Trump interrupting the interview to try to find data that doesn’t exist, Trump referring to World Wars I and II as “beautiful,” Trump accusing the interviewer of being unable to do as well as Trump in a cognitive test, and much more

The Vainglorious Eternals Go Golfing

There is always a photograph, and so naturally there is a photograph. This one was taken during the summer of 2008, on a golf course owned by President Donald Trump in New York’s Westchester County. Despite whatever accidental prescience the image might since seem to have acquired, the photo itself was and remains just what it is: artless proof that some wealthy and powerful men—in this case Rudolph Giuliani, Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg, and Bill Clinton—had at some point posed together on a golf course with their respective Big Bertha drivers out.

It’s the sort of photo that the principal figures have had taken thousands of times over the course of their public lives and equally public retirements. For people of this stature, taking pictures like this with other members of their micro-caste of puffy swells—variously seared pink or golden brown, buzzcut and triangular or pillowy and spheroid, foreign or domestic—is something like their job. There’s no aesthetic merit to these photos, which invariably involve three or four or more pairs of golf shoes and varying shades of incipient sunburn—and sometimes, as this one does, multiple pairs of centimillionaire knees. Aesthetic merit of course plays no role in the staging of such photos; rather, they serve to document a convergence of egos and interests. In functional terms, they mark a random historical moment in roughly the same way and for roughly the same reasons that hostage-takers photograph their captives holding up the front page of a given day’s newspaper. Everyone in the shot can point to it as proof of themselves being in the proper company and the correct milieu. Images like this do not exist to be looked at so much as they exist to be seen, or noticed.

And that’s what we have here. Giuliani, far left, looks as ever as if he has somehow been spilled into his clothes; he is turned such that he is grimacing towards a camera that no one else is facing. Trump is halfway into or out of a grin, and sagging to leeward like a butter sculpture left out in the sun. A head shorter and directly to Trump’s left, Bloomberg is trim, mirthless, and more deeply tan than any public official has a right to be. Bill Clinton had not at this point embarked on his vegan glow-up, and so looks jocular and fluffy in shorts and a pastel golf shirt with implausibly girthsome sleeves. Most versions of this photo that have circulated over the days since Bloomberg announced his interest in joining the field of contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination crop former Yankees Manager Joe Torre and professional Yankees fan Billy Crystal out of the photo entirely, even though the picture was taken at Torre’s own charity golf event.

That is rude, but it fits. Characters like Torre and Crystal are incidental to photos like this, or anyway useful mostly as local color, or a spritz of local flavor atop the expensive lobes of foie gras at the center of the image. The photos are proof that various powerful people once stood next to each other, more or less as peers, and they are to be hung up like a diploma—something for guests to see on the wall of a long corridor in some cold and fancified house, or notice in an office in which, as a matter of course, no actual work gets done. A bunch of rich old men, together, their respective pendulous drivers arrayed before them such that their identical heads are nearly touching, but not quite. Well, doesn’t that beat all?

In a better world, such photos might still exist. The people in them would not have become nearly as rich or unaccountable or powerful as they are in this one, but there’s no reason to think that they would not have found each other in some refrigerated clubhouse or hotel dining room or breakout session or cigar bar. In that world, these men would not be any better than they are in this one, because they are what they are by nature—mutants of appetite and ego, and outliers from the rest of humanity in terms of both the depth and the breadth of their need. But in that other world, in which they are merely rich and terrible, they would threaten only the good times of the other people sharing those spaces with them.

In this one, though, these vainglorious eternals somehow shamble on atop the culture even in their curdling dotage. From that commanding position they do what they do—pursue their endless blowsy feuds, scheme and carp, watch television and go on television and, where the opportunity presents itself, blithely commit various high crimes and misdemeanors. Far above the struggle and insecurity of everyday life, these brittle titans squabble and gossip and go through acrimonious and highly public divorces; for all the ways in which the toxic runoff of inequality can currently be felt in the culture, the fact that the cheesy churn of rich and petty men drifting into and pissily out of each other’s good graces now so distorts our politics is among the most enervating. It is one thing to see so much of our popular culture narrowing and flattening to suit various billionaires’ crude and idle whims, but it’s something else to realize that the political life of the richest and most powerful country on earth is in large part determined by the spats and obsessions of a super-class of aged and lazy lords, all of whom consider themselves peers of each other and virtually no one else.

It’s not a constitutionally enumerated power of the office, but presidents invariably shape the culture in ways that reflect their own values or anti-values, politics, and vibe. Clinton’s America applauded itself from the apex of boomer self-assurance; Bush’s was gilded and blustering and fragile, both strident and utterly bereft of ideas; Obama’s was cosmopolitan and smart from afar and naively inclined to assume facts not in evidence about the trajectories of various important things. It makes sense that Donald Trump’s America would be just the country for these old men—that the machinations and endless feuds of the tabloid undead would crowd and then devour everything else.

If Trump has values beyond the protection and promotion of his hideous and hungry self, they are these tabloid-driven rules of engagement. If Trump has peers—if there are people that matter to him beyond those who might be instrumentalized to advance his pursuit of more of everything—these are those people. Bloomberg will not be the next president of the United States, because virtually no one alive wants him to serve in that role. And yet he and his untouchable peers, who have been allowed through various long-standing failures to have so much more than any person ever should, will spend millions of dollars not in pursuit of any particular set of policies or even the office itself, but out of habit. Look at that photo again, and it is clear that none of the people in it are really friends—but just as important, they’re not enemies in any meaningful way, either. If you know the roles they play in our politics, the people in the photo seem like an unlikely foursome—the lumpy blowhards who backed into fascism for lack of any conviction deeper than a distaste for those with less than them, grinning alongside the savviest and most state-of-the-art ur-moderates. Someone who didn’t understand how weak everything around them had become, or how high these duffers had been allowed to rise as a result, might just look at the photo and see some old guys heading out to play some golf, and maybe bet a little something on the outcome to make things interesting.

Joe Rogan & Michael Malice on Trump’s Trolling


that’ss eyes that are for people who are
actually suffering minorities be like no
no this is not cool so she’s not saying
this from small blogs I’m not seeing
this from anything main strike yep
correct because mainstream they’re
always gonna cover for this that right
100% of the time yeah they’re gonna
cover their the thing about those blogs
is like a lot of them are basically like
Ari Shaffir refers to them as like
college papers yeah it’s like a lot of
these blogs so a college student written
yeah but they’re often speaking truth oh
yeah well I would hope I would hope more
would come out and say hey you can’t say
you’re Native American just like like
you imagine the outrage if I just
started call myself African American
well do you know what did you see what
Trump said he said well I can’t call her
Pocahontas anymore because she’s not an
Indian and I’m just like oh my god we’re
not worthy he says some hilarious shit
oh yeah he really does he really does
he’s fucking funny off-the-cuff oh yeah
really is you know and the way he goes
after people like even though he’s the
president like he still calls people
fucking losers I mean he’s still he
still caused him losers on Twitter and
goes after them horse face horse face he
called star McDaniels horse face just
think of how repulsive he is physically
he’s fat his faces all fuckin hanging
off of his bones he’s got white raccoon
eyes and orange skin and yet he still
will mock stormy Daniels and call her
horse face someone tweeted out I forget
who and I apologized the thing he said
they go imagine what happens that he
Trump’s the first person who fucked a
porn star and she had to brag about it
and then she paid him yeah yeah well he
did pay her right but what he paid her
what she’s gonna have to pay him is
probably like a factor of three or fours
I mean how much more she’s gonna wanna
pain yes for 350k that’s all he asked
for you uh that’s proved very reasonable
yeah that doesn’t even cover her book
yes that’s probably like he just wants
just be done like that yet it just yet
give me that paper yeah just give me a
little something I need a little
something from you
with this let this slide I want 300,000
yeah yeah it’s probably her book that’s
really all the money no she got more
than 350 I’m positive
how much you think she got for that book
750 I’d guess yeah but she’s got to pay
taxes sure
and her agents getting 15 yeah she’s
probably not even bringing three home so
it’s all that’s money’s gone oh yeah
that’s all gone all gone 100% gone and
no one’s buying that book it stiffed
yeah yeah nobody gives a shit
she said it already like I fucked the
president that’s your book your book as
I fucked the president well you know
here’s the funny part with her remember
this people she was making fun of his
dick like she’d hit a mushroom deck
whatever and people are like that’s what
she said
and then people were like that you know
as fucked up as he is that’s body
shaming he really shouldn’t make fun of
someone and she’s like you know what
you’re right I’m sorry
and then he goes hey horse face she lost
his fucking mushroom dick at like the
next day she’s back on it it was amazing
The fact that he can call her horse face
and he’s the president on twitter..
But she doesn’t even have a horse face.
It doesn’t matter. I know but it’s just
so weak I mean Ted Cruz really isn’t the
Unabomber or whatever
the fuck you said
he was say that that’s the name they
cease is that Jeff gay fucking it’s also
crazy that was the best part so ted
cruz’s was known as like the best
debater in the senate he had this
Harvard or Yale whatever debating team
great debater everyone we recognized him
for this how did the fuck do you prep
for a debate be like oh yeah well your
dad shot JFK
it’s like what the fuck
wait what well It didn’t have to make
sense right people the people that hurt
Trump supporters don’t want to make
sense they just want him to win right

right exactly and it works yes yeah well
he’s just had to get zingers in oh yeah
yeah I mean it’s like roast battle more
than right and they don’t get that there
was this my favorite tweet of his my
favorite where he goes whenever I speak
of the losers and the haters I do so
with great affection it’s not their
fault they were born fucked up at
exclamation point that’s a real tweet
tweet it’s the best one
and it’s true yeah you know one of my
favorite things was him at a speech
where he was talking it was 2015 before
he even talked about running for
president or it was even I don’t think
he was a hundred percent open about
running for president and he said
there’s two ways to talk to China you
could you know could prose things you
could propose things and he says it like
you know normally and then he says or
you could say listen motherfucker yeah
you heard that no oh my god it’s great
fucking pull it it’s it’s fucking great
because everybody starts cheering yeah
because it’s so forbidden in this
environment wearing an expensive suit
standing in front of a podium he says or
you could say listen motherfuckers like
this is what we’re gonna do and
everybody started yeah it’s so exciting
it’s so much more exciting then Marco
Rubio or you know someone boom Jeb is a
waste jam is a big fat mistake I watched
those videos which speech he wasted June
of 25th now when he said mother when
he’s just just not speech when he’s
talking about China and he said listen I
the fuckers China China China yeah that
was a thing Puerto Rican when he ordered
I’m announcing a ban on all Muslim
immigration Muslim here this is a great
one do this because it’s leadership this
time instead of with his name in gold
it’s with his words this is discussing
Iraq we build a school we build a road
they blow up the road they blow up the
school we build another school we build
another road they blow them up we build
again in the meantime we can’t get a
school built in Brooklyn do the
audience’s approval talking oil we have
nobody in Washington that sits back and
said you’re not going to raise that
price you understand me
this is a long time ago sing Chinese
goods here’s your mother we’re gonna tax
you 25% while poles 2011 is that what it
says over there yeah but here’s what’s
interesting notice the person who posted
their name is say no to racists yeah
they probably put it up as a negative
well no 2011 he would have been
considered a Democrat right oh no he’s
endorsed Romney he endorsed Romney
Republican race he was a Democrat until
what 2010 probably around then because
he was gonna run independent at some
point Trump 2012 look at that this is
the guy we’ve been looking for ha ha ha
seven years ago but it’s just deplorable
what changed it they probably damaged it
in the future because it says seven
years yeah fuck that’s the time travel
that hack join read uh yeah someone did
it someone definitely hacked it yeah
just hilarious they didn’t give the good
version of that either because they
believed in it well not just that
because you also see if you can find the
better version because he basically
practices it like you know people been
saying it like this right you can say it
like this or you can say listen you
motherfuckers and that’s when everybody
starts cheering he actually gave an
example yeah he actually guys what can
you do yeah so easy I drop a twenty five
percent tax on China
and you know I said to somebody that is
really the messenger the messenger is
important I could have one man saying
way to tax you 25% and I could say
another listen you motherfuckers brooder
Here’s how the Press lies on the campaign
trail he set a point I remember it was
the sense of it goes you better shut
your mouth so he didn’t say the word
mm-hmm they bleeped it and they bleeped
it to make it look like he was cursing
and he’s like you guys are fucking shady
as hell
that’s very Shady yeah that’s Shady you
can’t just bleep a pause and pretend
that there’s some sort of an offensive
word in there right so that’s really
that’s just deceptive right and it’s
pervasive they do it all the fucking
well who’s good out there to challenge
him they’re fucked all right fuck you
know why they’re fucked why because
we’ve never had this happen before the
whole time all those Democrats are
fighting each other for the primary for
the nomination he’s gonna be tweeting
the shit out of those debates he’s gonna
be live tweeting the debates right and
they’re not gonna they have to worry
about the tax from their colleagues but
also from the sitting president I was
like look at this dope and he’s gonna
come up with nicknames right now this
stick Danang dick he already did I’m
like it’s amazing to demand dick
Blumenthal senator from Connecticut lied
about his Vietnam service oh no I
started calling him Danang dick he lied
about his Vietnam service so got elected
yeah Wow
shameless yeah how did he lie what did
he say he said he served and he didn’t
look it up yeah I mean it’s it’s it is
brazen it wasn’t some ambiguous area I
think he’s like he never left America is
my understanding oh yeah

Trump Goes Godly

The man in the White House thinks he’s a miracle.

Do you blame God for Donald Trump?

“I am the chosen one,” Trump announced on Wednesday. O.K., he was talking about fighting his trade war with China, not ascending into heaven. It was all a joke, sort of. But we’ve been so far down the megalomania road with this president that it would not be a total surprise to discover he had delusions of divinity.

Maybe at night, when he’s alone with nobody but Fox News to keep him company, Trump envisions a future in which all Americans will appreciate how much he’s suffered for their salvation. He does seem to think of himself as something super-special. And if you listen to him answering questions without the help of a teleprompter, there is a tendency to wonder if he’s speaking in tongues.

Take his interchange with reporters Wednesday. There were, naturally, questions about gun laws — particularly background checks. Trump had wanted to tackle that issue in a big way until he sorta didn’t. Now he’s decided the current system is already “very strong.”

And then he elaborated. Follow along:

But we are going to be filling in some of the loopholes, as we call them, at the border and will be speaking about it at the border. It would be really nice if the Democrats would indeed fix the loopholes because it would be really nice. But despite that, I want to thank Mexico. They have 26,000 soldiers at our border and they’re really stopping people from coming in. So what happens is with background checks, we’re dealing with Democrats, we’re dealing with Republicans. …”

You will notice that he seems to be mixing up the Mexican border with gun regulation. This may be because he has a godlike ability to see things that no one else can see. In his getting-on-the-helicopter Q&A with the media, he referred twice to the way his great wall has been growing by leaps and bounds. (“The wall is being built — we’re building tremendous numbers of miles of wall right now.”) Mere mortals might wonder where the heck he gets the idea that this is actually happening, but that’s because they lack his miraculous vision.

With that kind of self-image, you could understand why the president feels any criticism reeks of blasphemy. This week he’s been obsessed with the prime minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, who called his idea of buying Greenland “absurd.”

The prime minister used a terrible word,” our wounded chief executive told reporters. And he vowed there’d be no quick forgiveness for any heads of state who dared send a negative adjective in his direction: “(They) can’t treat the United States of America the way they treated us under President Obama.”

Trump’s obsession with his predecessor is scary. Now he’s at war with auto companies that want to stick close to the 2012 rules on emissions rollbacks. How dare they respect an Obama-era regulation?

And the media thing: Trump sees his story in heroic — if not biblical — proportions, and journalists are always the villains, doing something that needs to be decried. Currently it’s the stories that hospitalized victims of the El Paso mass shooting passed up the opportunity to meet with him when he visited.

“I went to the hospitals — it was totally badly reported,” he complained. The victims and their families, Trump insisted, “love their president and nobody wrote that.” Well, two people who’d been treated and released did come to shake his hand. And some of the stories did focus on the way the president spent part of his mission of mercy bragging to the medical staff about the size of the crowd at his rally. Can’t imagine why.

The nation is still reeling from that tragic weekend of mass shooting. When the cry went up for better gun control, there were lots of stories about Trump’s promise to do something very big when it came to background checks. He is now waffling like a breakfast special. And adopting the National Rifle Association dodge that the only problem is mental health. (“The gun doesn’t pull the trigger, a person does. And we have great mental illness.”)

But about the God complex: Lately Trump has had an obsession with himself as savior of the Holy Land that’s turning downright creepy. “In my opinion, you vote for a Democrat, you’re being very disloyal to Jewish people and you’re being very disloyal to Israel,” he insisted.

Some people wondered if it was a tad offensive to demand that Jews vote Republican or be seen as a traitor to their people.

“It’s only anti-Semitic in your head,” Trump decreed, peering into the minds of his questioners.

Lots of hints here that the president, at least, thinks of himself as someone far beyond mortal men. And then there’s that long, long history of referring to himself in the third person:

“Nobody has been tougher on Russia than Donald Trump.”

“Nobody has more respect for women than Donald Trump.”

“There’s never been a president like President Trump.”

China has total respect for Donald Trump and for Donald Trump’s very, very large brain.”

Take your pick, people. You can accept the idea that he was sent to us by forces from above, or you can pray that he’ll have to go away in 2020. But remember, he’s always watching.