Website Redesign Ideas

Design Inspirations

Design Features

  • I like the idea of “clean”/simple design with nice typography
  • I like the idea of mostly black/white, with shades of grey
  • I like the links to be blue.
    • example: links and headers start darker  and fade into lighter grey when you hover over them.
  • The color for the site will come from the photos and video

Theme: Linking and Annotation

I want the site to feature lots of linking/footnotes, because I’m exploriing the work of Ted Nelson and his ideas about parallel hypertext.

David Foster Wallace is another influence.  He used over 400 footnotes in his novel “Infinite Jest.”  I’m not going to do that, but I want to suggest that approach through the design of my site.

Sidebar Formatting:

I’m using two wordpress plugins to make my site more reference-able:

  1. Side Matter: uses tagging to generate notes (like footnotes, but on the side)
  2. Inline Comments: people can comment on a specific paragraph, rather than just dumping their comments at the end of the page.


  • Sidebar:
    • front page/writing: content & sidebar with sidenotes, tags, featured content, etc
    • interviews: content & sidebar with sidenotes, tags, featured content, etc
    • tagging: content & sidebar with tags, etc
  • No Sidebar:
    • quotes : no sidebar, though I may would like to add tags to the bottom of the “quotes” section (where it says “source” & “read more”), if it would look ok.

Font ideas:

Anything from adobe typekit or google fonts

To Do

  • improve header and footer appearance
  • refine typography
  • improve comment bubble and popup (currently black box with plus sign)
  • improve navigation style
  • create a mobile friendly navigation
  • show/hide comments section: Reply/Comment

Style Sample Pages: