Steve Castor: Annoying Style of Asking Questions Over and Over

Before Castor started working for Congress, he practiced commercial litigation in Philadelphia and Washington D.C. His style of questioning has been described as annoying to witnesses and those representing them. He likes to ask the same questions over and over again, and during the hearings, it’s expected that he will follow a dialogue of questioning that will please Trump.

During the closed-door depositions, Castor has interrogated officials about Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company where Joe Biden‘s son, Hunter Biden, used to serve as a board member. Even after Pentagon Official, Laura Cooper, said, “I have no level of personal knowledge or detail on these,” he continued to ask the same question three more times.

.. After it was revealed that Fiona Hill’s lawyer, Lee Wolosky, wanted it on the record that Castor laughed in response to Hill being targeted by Alex Jones and Info Wars, he received a lot of ridicule on Twitter.