Shane Claiborne: Thy Kingdom Come

What I love about Mother Teresa is that her life was her witness. She wasn’t a champion of unborn children because she wore a t-shirt that said “Abortion Is Murder,” but because she welcomed mothers and children. In essence, she said, “If you can’t raise your child, we’ll do it together.” That’s the kind of embodiment that comes as we seek to marry our beliefs to our actions. As Brian McLaren says, “It’s not just are we pro-life or pro-choice, but how are we pro-active?”

Tomi Lahren Was Made for the Trump Era

The rising TV starlet might have run afoul of social conservatives. But with her wide reach and trademark sass, her future could be positively Trumpian.

.. she’s pro-choice

.. I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”

.. Beck, Lahren’s boss, questioned Lahren’s libertarian bona fides as a zealous Trump supporter

.. Trump is anything but libertarian.

.. high-speed rant style with “Final Thoughts .. little jalapeño poppers of bravura bile clock in at just 30 seconds, and are perfectly suited to social media

.. Lahren’s departure from TheBlaze might contain clues for the future of conservative media in the age of Trump and beyond, and even for the Republican Party.

.. most in conservative media are impotent to censure the president himself for his betrayal of signature conservative positions, they can flex some muscle by smacking down Lahren

.. a suggestion of what could happen, ideologically, if the GOP is ever emboldened .. to take Trump to task for his disregard of both civil liberties and family values.

.. on track to be the Samantha Bee of the right

.. the ironies that interest her concern “snowflakes” and “participation-trophy” types

.. she admitted that Trump’s on-tape comments about groping women didn’t “look good

.. “Don’t go around acting holier than thou about this, like you’ve never heard anyone say anything like that before.

.. “When will those in black communities take a step back and take some responsi-damn-bility for the problems of black communities? Because it seems to me blaming white people for all of your problems might make you the racist.”

.. grew up in a military family in South Dakota

.. with decades of sass ahead of her, Lahren is rumored (without clear evidence) to be in Fox’s sights

.. Mindful of her senior-citizen base, Lahren has made her home not primarily on Snapchat or even Twitter but on venerable old Facebook.

.. Facebook is a perfect place for her to perform for Tea Partyers and older conservatives, leaning on her love of guns and country to come off as the dream daughter—like Ivanka Trump, but country and not snooty.

.. tacit pact with Beck: He could give her the conservative white-old-man seal of approval and then she would be allowed to be spicy and pro-Trump, which in turn would be evidence of Blaze’s big tent.

.. Beck is a genuinely principled conservative, and his commitments to both family values and libertarianism made Trump—multiply-married, genital-grabbing, pro-choice in some interviews—insupportable, and finally appears to have made Lahren insupportable, too.

.. many uneasy bargains .. are being tested now

.. If Ryan’s tax reform, or Pence’s desired overturn of Roe v. Wade, come to nothing, how much more will they be willing to sacrifice for this rogue president?

.. there are libertarians, who have quarrels with Trump.

There are family-values types, who have quarrels with Trump.

And then there is Trump—a reality star who darkens his skin and lightens his hair and says whatever gets the biggest response

 .. She’s trying to be Trump.