The ‘Fight Song’ of the Powerful and Privileged

these are not plucky underdogs facing long odds, either. These are successful Hollywood and music stars, singing that nobody’s going to keep them down anymore, no one’s going to silence them, no one’s going to ignore them. Who’s silencing them? The studio executives that won’t give them a larger share of the residuals on DVD sales?

No one at the Democratic convention recognized the irony of a song about the underdog being sung by a group of people who have more advantages, privileges, money, wealth, fame and power than almost anyone who hears it. This is the Richest 1 Percent declaring proudly that no one’s going to keep them down. Of course not, because they’re not down! By any standard — talent, appearances, connections, charisma — these are arguably the least-kept-down people in America.

Considering the Circumstances, Why Shouldn’t We See a Revolt at the Convention?

He’s either refusing to fundraise, or seriously slacking in this key component of a presidential campaign:

While Trump had promised Priebus that he would call two dozen top GOP donors, when RNC chief of staff Katie Walsh recently presented Trump with a list of more than 20 donors, he called only three before stopping, according to two sources familiar with the situation

.. Unlike Facebook, Google and Microsoft, which have all said they will provide some support to the GOP event in Cleveland next month, Apple decided against donating technology or cash to the effort, according to two sources familiar with the iPhone maker’s plans.

.. For those arguing the delegates have no business overruling primary voters . . . What are delegates for if not to avert a disaster like this?

.. Say this for a ticket out of any two other Republican lawmakers: that ticket will not destroy the party. It’s first act after a terror attack will not be to congratulate itself. It will not suddenly call the troops thieves. It will not call an Indiana-born judge “the Mexican.” An Anybody-Anybody ticket will stop creating problems for other Republicans and start solving them.

.. the Harlins’ murder occurred 13 days after the videotaped beating of Rodney King. In many African Americans’ eyes, the criminal-justice system was sending a clear message: their lives had no value, and executing a black teenager carried the kind of sentence one might expect for petty theft or vandalism.