Geometric Unity

The Theory of Geometric Unity is an attempt by Eric Weinstein to produce a unified field theory by recovering the different, seemingly incompatible geometries of fundamental physics from a general structure with minimal assumptions. On April 1, 2020, Eric prepared for release a video of his 2013 Oxford lecture on Geometric Unity as a special episode of The Portal Podcast.

Eric has set April 1 as a new tradition, a day on which we are encouraged to say heretical things that we truly believe, in good faith, without fear of retribution from our employers, institutions, or communities. In this spirit, Eric released the latest draft of his Geometric Unity manuscript on April 1, 2021.

Bret Weinstein on “The Portal” (w/ host Eric Weinstein), Ep. #019 – The Prediction and the DISC.

On this episode of The Portal, Bret and Eric sit down alone with each other for the first time in public. There was no plan.

There was however, a remarkable story of science at its both best and worst that had not been told in years. After an initial tussle, we dusted off the cobwebs and decided to reconstruct it raw and share it with you, our Portal audience, for the first time. I don’t think it will be the last as we are now again looking for our old notes to tighten it up for the next telling. We hope you find it interesting, and that it inspires you younger and less established scientists to tell your stories using this new medium of long form podcasting. We hope the next place you hear this story will be in a biology department seminar room in perhaps Cambridge, Chicago, Princeton, the Bay Area or elsewhere. Until then, be well and have a listen to this initial and raw version.

[The DISC referred to in the Title is the Distributed Idea Suppression Complex as discussed on episode #018 of The Portal Podcast.]

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Eric Weinstein is a mathematician with a bold and piercing intelligence, unafraid to explore the biggest questions in the universe and shine a light on the darkest corners of our society. He is the host of The Portal podcast, a part of which, he recently released his 2013 Oxford lecture on his theory of Geometric Unity that is at the center of his lifelong efforts in arriving at a theory of everything that unifies the fundamental laws of physics.