Detained For Smoking A Cigarette
Cops Will Use Anything To Get Your ID


That cop trying to get ID for cigarette ash is EXACTLY the type of cop who would plant drugs to get a bust like Zach Wester. Same personality, character, & superiority complex. I wonder what all his bodycams show over the years? He’s itching to get that town sued into oblivion.


the fact cops can treat us like this shows how far our “rights” have fallen.


I’m an officer in Cincinnati, I’ve never seen anything so petty. I’m sure these officers can spend their time more wisely than detaining a man for simply dropping an ash.


And this is another perfect example as to why I don’t trust a word that comes out of a cops mouth. And i never will until they change the laws making it a crime for ANY law enforcement to lie just as its a crime for a civilian to lie.


The fact that the LT admitted that they train their officers to split hairs to hopefully lead to a bigger violation is absolutely cringe.


….can kinda lead to other things…” That’s called being pre-textual (before-the written word/law)…using a small infraction in hopes of obtaining info for a larger offense.


The problem here is,…when that younger police officer one day becomes Sargent he will abuse his powers and get I.D or whatever else he wants, he is a bully. The ego’s and feeling of power over the peoples goes to their heads. Then they wonder why is their such a disconnect between the citizens and police officers, the clan protects and covers for their own.


Wow imagine how many people’s rights these police walk all over


Thin blue line on his belt buckle tells us ALL we need to know about these officers and their department. The only reason the officer didn’t push the issue is because he KNEW he was on the losing side. The LT telling him “he’s a good officer” is telling us ALL to believe HIS words and NOT our own eyes and ears. This video was SUCH a black eye on this entire department. Even the officer making the BS claim on the ashes being “littering” couldn’t keep a straight face as he spewed his bs. I’m surprised they didn’t charge him with “attempted arson”. The biggest blunder here imo is the higher ranking officer choosing to defend such outrageously disgusting behavior. The minute he did that, he owned the disgraceful abhorrent behavior of the first cop. He made it clear that they are in it to protect each other no matter how ridiculous their behavior and abuses of power are.


I’m watching this from the other side of the world (I’m northern European) and I really can’t believe this stuff, it’s insane what you good Americans have to put up with from your police, it’s absolutely absurd and a big shout out to this channel for exposing this kind of ridiculousness!


The cop can’t even really look him in the eye. He knows he’s being shady and disingenuous.


I came around the end of a pavilion and looked up and there was a police officer standing there and he said to me I don’t think you’re supposed to be in here doing this! I said to him I have a permit and I actually have more right to be here doing this than you do Smoking a cigarette and standing right in front of a sign that says “Young lungs at play no smoking permitted in this park $50 fine for any violators”. he became visibly agitated and started running his mouth to me about me telling a police officer what’s right and what’s not right and then he wanted to see my ID and then blah blah blah. he then flipped his cigarette onto the ground got in his car and drove off in a hurry and he was not a happy man. I refuse to show my ID which made him even matter. I didn’t do anything wrong and I wasn’t going to show him my ID no matter how hard he pressed. And I wasn’t being anti-police I was being pro citizen.

12:35 Being overzealous and vindictive is not indicative being a “good officer”. It’s indicative of someone who is prone to abuse his authority.


Now this is just one of the many reasons why so many people hate cops. This entire incident was totally unnecessary and the cop was on a power trip over pettiest bs that I have ever seen


I had a friend – a Marine Corp Veteran – that was driving home from a friend’s house in his pickup truck. He was honorably discharged and by now was rocking a ZZ Top look.


He brought a bottle of expensive liquor to his friend’s house and they drank a little bit of it. My friend left and didn’t want to leave the almost full bottle at his friend’s house and since he didn’t have a trunk he put the almost full bottle on the floor behind his seat – he didn’t want it to break in the bed of the truck. It was a short drive & an expensive bottle.


He got pulled over by a cop less than 1 mile from home for some BS reason. He was sober but got a ticket for having an opened bottle in his car (not open exactly – the seal was broke.)


The cop made him park his truck at the police station that was nearby and find another way home. My friend complied to avoid a confrontation and started to walk home when the cop called him back over and tried to hand him a knife, saying “You forgot your knife.” My friend was shocked and knew the cop was trying to plant evidence on him. He backed away and refused to accept the knife.


This behavior by the criminal cop is NOT how a democracy functions. Cops like that and in this video are undermining democracy and the Rule of Law all because they are ignorant, insecure twats on a power trip.


If criminal cops were removed from the force quickly and permanently we would get more ethical, honest police officers. They are the minority due to this sick culture. Thank God for the good cops!!


So basically pretty much, these 2 cops main number 1 goal is to hopefully be able to make arrests, and the easiest and fastest way of achieving that is to get i.d.’s and run the names. So if they run 90 names a day, that would average out to X many arrests. Wow!


For once, a reasonable man in charge of upholding the law when he stopped a situation from turning into something much worse. I’m also impressed how much he was open to you guys training some of their officers, that’s stellar! Someone who I would absolutely want to be in charge of my local force!


I would honestly have to ask for a FOIA request on any convictions related to cigarette ashes and littering. The cop claims he had cited people “several times” including pulling people over while driving and ashing out the window. It that is true then there will be court records that state the violations as well as the specifics.</
The last officer on the scene was really the best one in the bunch. He was willing to listen and learn as well as reciprocate the “lack” of knowledge that many officer’s have. Really glad that officer stayed behind to talk to you guys.


I hope that any cops on this site read this: I used to be a hardcore supporter of law enforcement. Now, I’ve seen enough of this selective enforcement BS and outright abuse of citizens’ rights to view them as the enemy until they individually prove to me that they aren’t.


What kind of career satisfaction does this guy even get from trying to enforce this?


“I arrested someone for driving well over the drink limit”
“I intervened to stop an armed robbery”
“Well I and two other well paid officers argued for twenty minutes with some guy over a tiny speck of cigarette ash on an empty street”

Wonder if this guy would be just as passionate and aggressive if he was called to a school shooting, or would he hide, scroll his phone and pee his pants far from the action like the rest of those cowards.


This cop is everything that’s wrong with police today. I love what cops do and I believe there are many more good than bad out there. They need more training on the constitution and perhaps they need to spend more time on real crimes, or better yet, some public assistance to those in need. So much potential to do good but…


This officer is petty af. He’s on a fishing expedition to feed his ego.


Context is everything. Flicking ash in a wooded area during a drought is one thing. Having ash fall on concrete in the middle of a town with nothing that could possibly ignited from it is another. This guy is ridiculous, and coincidentally 1 town over from where I grew up. I’ll remember his face the next time I visit family. Easy to remember, as he exudes di ckness.


I saw the title and bust out laughing!, A sheriff in Houston Texas did that same thing to me ; told me to get rid of the cigarette? And I released it on the ground. Of course he wrote me a $250 littering ticket, the day of court? I parked on the side of the court house where the cops gather to smoke and laugh,I.videoed them.flickering cigarette butts everywhere; long story short??; DISMISSED.


My mate had something similar once before but he was pulled over for flicking ash out of his car window. Unbelievably petty. My mate asked him to show the evidence, then suddenly there was a speeding violation. This was way before cameras were common place. One stupid cop and my trust has gone forever for watching them make it up on the spot.


And he says he’s done the same job for seven years, apparently he hasn’t learned anything including the law.


That older cop was actually good. Rare to see older cops like that who understand all your rights


“It might seem light but it can lead to other bigger things”?? So ashing a cigarette in public leads to serious crime?


I would like to see what a federal court thinks about this violation of a man’s civil rights. You do not have to show ID for smoking a cigarette. Ashes falling off a cigarette is not disorderly conduct, obstruction or littering.


I know a lot of LEO’s and do you know how many of them I trust??? 2. That’s right 2 out of over 2 dozen. That LT is one who actually seems to believe in the constitution and it was surprising how he said the auditors are doing a service to the public and mentioned the auditors doing training to help teach cops about constitutional rights. I would say that he is actually a good cop which is a true rarity.


I’ve now seen the most trifling attempt to ID someone in all history. Cigarette ashes on a concrete sidewalk constitute both littering AND a fire hazard? Somebody tell the prison industrial complex to get busy building many millions more cell blocks to house all the repeat offenders they’ll soon be incarcerating.


Cigarette ash is a violation of the law…a law which I have just admitted that I don’t know… but it’s a violation…! If you don’t know a law, you CANNOT enforce it…by just making it up as you go along…!!


The thin blue line belt buckle speaks volumes of the kind of officer this guy is.


The cops in Illinois confiscated the cremated ashes of my friend’s dead wife claiming they were some kind of drugs. They sent them in to the drug lab and found out what they were and then disposed of them. The guy couldn’t even get his dead wife’s ashes back after they dropped all charges against him. I would have sued their asses all the way to Hell.


I hope these guys stay in touch with the LT. I”d love to know if he took them up on their offer. THAT’S the kind of police interaction I actually like to see.


This cop’s hair alone puts his intellectual capacity at question. He verifies that he is not all that bright by using such a lame ploy to coerce this guy’s ID out of him. The guy saw through it immediately.


Pathetic abuse of authority. The retaliation is real, folks. This “pretext” of a friendly conversation turning into a baseless, unwarranted Terry Stop is ridiculous, and likely against that department’s own policy…


The fact that they can say some of this shit with a straight face, and then continually double-down…… I just can’t comprehend the mindset it takes to act like this, AND think you’re doing nothing wrong. It’s like self-hypnosis or something.


I think the fact that he admitted he’s pulled over multiple cars over the 7 years he’s been a cop suggests we should FOIA request all his traffic stops and get a group lawsuit together for what I’m positive will be multiple violations of rights.


I would absolutely refuse. Take me to jail I would love for you to explain to a judge that you arrested me for ash falling on the ground. I think that video in itself would be hilarious.


This is a great video of how hard it is for some people to just say, shit I was wrong. He’s trying so hard to justify lol.


That supervisor was one of the best officers I have seen. I would 100% support him.


I think everyone should ask the following question at the onset of contact with ANY LEO…. “Officer, will you please qualify the nature of this contact…is this consensual, am I being detained, or am I under arrest?” The LEO’s answer, if any, should determine how the citizen interacts with the LEO as encouraged by WTPU and countless other 1AAs. -VGQ


If I was a tax payer of that city I would be livid! It amazes me that even the cop was told by is LT he fucked up he still couldn’t let his ego go. He has to have the last word saying it was basically a warning. Did the LT spit out some bs that smoking a cigarette leads to busting people with drugs? ‍♂️ I feel sorry for the next grandma smoking a cigarette. She might be slinging dope. ‍♂️ I got secondhand embarrassment just from watching this.


The LT says at 12:39 it has to do with stud interdiction and that can lead to other bigger things like drugs. So they use cigarette ash out a car window as a justifiable reason to pull a car over and search it for drugs. This is total bs as ash out a car window is not illegal, only if driver throws the cigarette butt out the window.


Would have loved to have heard the conversation the two cops had in the cop car.


This lieutenant was pretty cool at deescalating this situation as the other cop was in my opinion ready to arrest this guy. As he stated plainly he had used it bother as probable cause to stop motorist..


I’m always overjoyed when they pull this and the person complies only to find out the person is an FBI agent.


Whether or not he had the legal authority to demand this man identify really doesn’t matter it just shows what kind of person this officer is by pulling a dirty rotten stunt like that. Pathetic. I hope this man learned his lesson though and realizes no police officer is your friend and there is no reason to talk to them at all because if you do they will only use what you do and say against you.


I would ask the cop something like, “is that a strategy of ur department, to do whatever u can possible to get as many i.d.’s as u can to run the names in hopes to be able to make as many warrant arrests possible?” Just to hear him flat out lie and say some practiced lines.


It seams like harassment to me ! When Cops escalate a situation when there is no need they are not doing that city any good


This cop is the true definition of a tyrant. He needs to turn in his badge now.


“it might seem real light but it kind of can lead to other bigger things”… Oh okay, got it. So you want to investigate people in order to find out which crimes they have already probably committed instead of having probable cause.


The police treat the public as the enemy. This is ridiculous. Not to mention a complete waste of time.


This happened to me. A traffic stop, my brother was driving and the cop asked me for ID. I had my seat belt on and I told the PA officer that he had no right to ask me anything. They tried asking my brother but he wasn’t telling. After 30 minutes of them harassing me I lit a cigarette and when I flicked the ash out the window, bam! Cop showed me on the registration that it was littering. They got me for a probation violation I knew I had. Off to jail


Why does this cop claim “I’m recording, too” then continually cover his body cam lens with his left hand while interacting with the auditor? And what a pedantic argument about whether the ash is created by something man made?


I’m in my mid-60s and have always been a support the police/law and order kinda guy. The behavior of these officers disgusts me, as does their appearance – tattoos and hairstyles.


Someone please charge and fine that officer for littering, the dead skin cells that are falling off of him and onto our streets is just insane out of control


I had a cop try this on me years ago. He pulled me over and tryed to tell me not to smoke my cigarette. I told him he was free to get away from my window if he didnt like the smoke. He made me get out of the car and stand at the back. I knew he was trying to get me to flick my cigarette but to harass me further. So I ashed into my own hand the whole cigarette then ate the butt after putting it out on the ashes in my hand. He literately said he was going to ticket me if I had flicked the butt.


People: I wish the cops arrested rapists and murderers and solved violent crimes. This cop: best I can do is harass you for ash.


You can tell that cop at the end has a good understanding why people do the audits that they do. The world needs more cops like him and less cops like that young one.


I saw this on Facebook. This cop was looking for a reason to try and identify this man and the statement about the ash on the concrete sidewalk was just about the most asinine idiotic reason to try and identify someone. Police are really out of control with their perceived authority. No laws were broken so go away. Stop fishing


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the most fragile thing on a planet is a cop’s ego


that’s called making a mountain out of a mole hill….literally


That’s what happens when you have a “for profit’ penal system.


“He’s a good cop. He’s the field training officer.” He spends his time trying to manipulate laws for his own purposes. Being an old geek, that would be called “lawful evil” in DnD terms. He uses the law to do evil things, like try to violate 4th Amendment rights by lying about littering.


The cop said he didn’t know the law then tries to enforce what he doesn’t know. The cops that harass citizens over silly stuff like this and even admit to not knowing the law need to get a ticket. They also should be required to take and pass tests covering the laws before being hired. They should also be required to be tested periodically during employment.


I generally support police, they do a hard usually thankless job, but they should absolutely be versed in the laws they are empowered to enforce. If you want to know if you’re dealing with a good/bad cop at a glance look no further than the Blue Line gang insignia. That’s an inconspicuous indicator that they stand with other police before they’ll stand with citizens and laws they are sworn to serve.


If I was a lieutenant, I would have dismissed this young cop from working the rest of the day. Period… His arrogance and ignorance is very typical of an ego driven twit just wanting to start trouble while working on the city time clock.


I hope no one ever goes to this town and spends a cent with jerks like this that should be out on the road patrolling and protecting . They give good police officers a bad name . Shame on you and the town you have sworn to protect  I served 25 years in the service to protect our rights and these guys should be FIRED


Best advice when a cop approaches you is to simply tell the cop the name of your attorney and give the name of said attorney and tell them if they have any questions to contact your attorney and walk off. If they physically stop you at that point it’s assault and kidnapping. Defend yourself using any means possible and this shit will stop.


Many things scare me in this video in the sense that the young man is training other officers how to split the law to find bad people or bad things that gets very dangerous to corruption. The FTO might be trying to train the other officers however I believe he’s also training the officers to possibly break laws and step on people’s civil rights. RLEO