Conflicted (police)

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Ways ICCPUL Police may be conflicted:

  • police departments are a revenue center in many communities, resulting in badly motivated police actions.
  • police have an incentives to raise revenue (salty language) through civil asset forfeiture when their departments benefit from the proceeds.
  • there is an incentive to justify budgets by “activity”.
  • officers are sometimes incentivized to compete to have the most number of arrests and are able to nitpick to manufacture faulty evidence.
  • political leadership such as mayor have incentive in looking good to their base (which can include real estate owners).
  • police do not have a strong incentive to address serious crime if reporting crime results in the statistics being counted against them.
  • police systems sometimes twist “broken windows” policing into punching down on poor/minorities.
  • at the same time as minor infractions are clamped down upon, more significant crimes may not be taken seriously.
  • police sometimes enforce the interests or feelings of the powerful, rather than the law
  • when complaints are made against them, they typically investigate themselves and find no wrongdoing