How Bitcoin is Like Telsa

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Tesla was built with early adopters who saw past certain drawbacks


1) Early Adopters: Telsa

Prior to Tesla, if you had pitched the idea of starting an electric car to an investor, you would likely have face skepticism:

  • How are you going to sell a car that has a maximum range of 100 miles?
  • How are you going to sell such a car that costs $100,000.

Elon must found a way to work around these limitations:

  • Make a sports car that has superior acceleration.
  • Sell this car to early adopters who are willing to pay $100,000 and don’t mind the range limitation.
  • Bring price and range down with more volume and research.


2) Early Adopters: Bitcoin

The way Bitcoin attracted early adopters was not 0-60 acceleration, but financial returns.

True, critics will see the volatility.  But what the enthusiasts see is that those who have held Bitcoin over a 4-year cycle, have seen vastly superior returns.


3) Still Useful to Early Adopters

Just as it was true that Telsa did not have enough range for a 10 hour trip to your parents, Bitcoin is too volatile for daily purchases.

But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have value and can’t eventually fill that role.


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