You Have Some of the Finest Minds in the Country ..

elicit okay the four issues are this is
it treason no no one issue you can you
solicit Ukraine is Ukraine is an ally
can you cook is it bribery no the can
you stretch it doesn’t apply to solicit
political benefited foreign entity is it
is it extortion no there’s no quid pro
quo last one your point yes thank you
okay is it a violation of the camp
finance campaign finance law the Justice
Department has said through OLC the
answer is no now you can solicit a
foreign government for political
advantage you believe that that’s
anybody’s read on that statute stop
asking for an investigation in in the
words of the Justice Department OLC memo
is not a thing of value therefore it is
not an illegal foreign campaign
contribution period end of story now you
know you may not like that you may not
agree with it that’s fine people
reasonable people can disagree but you
have some of the finest minds in the
country at the at the Office of Legal
Counsel making a judgment about that but
it’s not asking just for an
investigation here’s how we know they
already investigated it you know that
and I know that frankly they’ve
investigated it twice right so Shokan is
looking at it that’s why this forest
about Biden is so silly
he had this corrupt guy looking at his
sons business when new was sleeping on
it he gets rid of him they put in loot
Senko who’s a good prosecutor who turns
the screws up on it eventually says
there’s nothing here closes it then he
talks to Rudy Giuliani and reopens it
that’s not new
that’s going back to something you
already well investigate that the
president made clear all right he wants
a certain outcome that’s very convenient
to be able to say that and what was X
and what was the result of all that any
untoward investigation lead to anything
that was we don’t know it was harmful to
we don’t know who the vice president we
don’t know yet other than the fact that
the Democrats have now made this a big
issue the only end result of which will
be the president manual sink this
they’ll sink the vice president’s camp
ad I won’t give you that the reasoning
is always strong that’s why I love
having you on the show