Town News: Solutions for Digital Publishers

A cutting-edge, integrated platform to create, distribute, and monetize your multimedia content

CEO: Brad Ward

Easy drag-and-drop editing

With our built-in visual layout designer, it’s simple to change the look and functionality of your website, mobile site, and even your native app—no programming required. Staffers with coding skills have the flexibility to make deeper changes to your site’s underlying script and CSS.

And our article design tools make it easy to create beautiful, engaging articles—complete with videos, photos, multimedia galleries, and more.

Mobile optimized

Modern responsive design ensures that your site loads fast, has great SEO, and looks outstanding on every device.

Create and publish videos, images, and articles directly from your smartphone or tablet with our streamlined mobile editor.

Data-powered advertising and engagement

Grow revenue with high-performance targeted programmatic and local ad campaigns that deliver big ROI for your advertisers.

Harness the power of audience browsing data to present visitors with content that meets their specific interests, helping you increase time on site, pageviews and advertising revenue—while slashing bounce rates.

Flexible membership and subscription

Choose the model that’s right for your business: All-access, paywall, metering, Google Consumer Surveys, and more. You decide if and how to restrict access using simple but sophisticated rulesets.