Tim Dillon on the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Taken from JRE #1753 w/Tim Dillon: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2HQZ…




If we actually knew 100% what is happening in the world I think there’s a huge portion of us who would just go into total shock

I’ve tried talking to people about this sort of thing, and you can see how instantly they get anxious and upset… and are desperate to change the subject and just wave their hand in denial. They’re just terrified that the world is secretly run by these sort of psychopaths.

Tim Dillon is absolutely correct, they are trying to keep the story hyper focused on Ghislaine and Jeffrey and the massage table, and not on the sex trafficking and the island.

I wish everyone would DEMAND the records be unsealed and file charges on the judge for aiding in the protection of these predators.

“She’s gonna be sacrificed” -hillarious, genius, and true