Steve Bannon’s New Political Order: Christianity, Capitalism, and Nationalism

At CPAC, Steve Bannon spoke of a ‘new political order’ emerging. What is this new political order? What is Bannonism, and how does it relate to Trumpism? Join me as we explore the political philosophy of Trump’s most trusted adviser.

  1. Capitalism
  2. Nationalism
  3. Christianity

Bannon: The 20th century was a conflict between Christianity and Atheism.

Enlightenment Free-market capitalism benefited one’s neighbors

Beginning in 1960-70, an narcissistic Baby Boomer generation took over, and moved towards socialism

Values: Globalism, Secularization, Sexualization

Occurs on coasts.

Does not see free-traders about conservative because it pushes people towards transnationalism

Rural-based blowback against urbanized globalism.

Envisions a “Third Way”: Christian Traditionalism

Christian values are indispensable to reining in capitalism to prevent narcissistic culture.

How do we protect this?  By keeping out people who do not share our Christian values.

Nationalism is inclusive as long as they are willing to protect and perpetuate enlightened capitalism guided by Christian sentiments.