How Does Violence Corrupt the Soul? Ask Chat GPT.

See how AI’s answers put our human leaders to shame: “How Does Violence Corrupt the Soul?”

How Does Violence Corrupt the Soul? Ask Chat GPT. (I literally mean it.)

>> How does violence corrupt the soul?

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Chat GPT answer:

Violence can have profound and lasting effects on both the victim and the perpetrator. It can lead to a corruption of the soul, in the sense that it can erode the moral and ethical fabric of an individual, leading to a degradation of empathy, compassion, and humanity. Here are some ways in which violence can corrupt the soul:

1) Desensitization:

Experiencing or perpetrating violence can desensitize individuals to the suffering of others. Over time, this desensitization can lead to a diminished capacity for empathy and an increased tolerance for cruelty.

2) Cycle of Violence:

Perpetrators of violence often become trapped in a cycle of aggression and retaliation, leading to a mindset that justifies further violence as a means of resolving conflicts. This cycle can perpetuate a distorted worldview that sees violence as a necessary and acceptable means of achieving goals or resolving disputes.

3) Guilt and Shame:

Individuals who have committed acts of violence may experience overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame, which can lead to a sense of self-loathing and a loss of self-worth. This can further perpetuate a cycle of violence as a way to cope with these negative emotions.

4) Loss of Trust and Connection:

Engaging in violent behavior can lead to the breakdown of trust and relationships with others. This isolation can deepen the sense of alienation and contribute to a lack of meaningful connections with others, exacerbating the feeling of spiritual corruption.

5) Distorted Moral Compass:

Violence can distort an individual’s moral compass, leading them to justify or rationalize harmful behavior. This can lead to a loss of integrity and moral values, causing individuals to prioritize personal gain and power over the well-being of others.

6) Trauma and Psychological Impact: 

Victims of violence can suffer from long-lasting psychological trauma, which can lead to feelings of helplessness, fear, and distrust. This can result in a distorted worldview, where the individual may perceive the world as inherently hostile and unsafe, leading to further emotional and psychological distress.

Overall, the experience and perpetration of violence can have devastating consequences for the individual’s spiritual and psychological well-being, causing them to become detached from their sense of humanity and moral principles. It is important to address and prevent violence in all its forms to safeguard the well-being of individuals and communities.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates: How Segregation and Violence Corrupt the Soul

Ta-Nehisi Coats gave an interview with Democracy Now! on November 2, 2023.

  • Coats understands the anger that comes from a people that are oppressed and feel abandoned by the rest of the world
  • But Coats says he’s starting to understand the importance of nonviolence because violence corrupts the soul

I’ve highlighted parts of the transcript to make it quicker to digest:

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What is the US Debt Endgame? (Google AI Answers)

Federal Debt

Economies run in cycles, both short and long-term.

With Debt levels running high, how will the long-term debt cycle be resolved? [footnote]I’m assuming both government, business, and private debt must be reduced through some means because at some point the interest on the debt will become generate unacceptable levels of inflation.[/footnote]

I asked Google Bard’s AI [footnote](Google Bard is an AI, like Chat GPT)[/footnote] what it thought of 6 possible options I outlined for resolving high debt levels.

Upon receiving AI’s answers, I was reminded of a quote (incorrectly) ascribed to Winston Churchill:

Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing ..  after they have exhausted all other possibilities.

My base case estimate is a twist on this quote. It is not that America will attempt all other possibilities before finally settling on the “right thing,” but rather the resolution of high debt levels[footnote] And likely also high debt levels in other parts of the world. [/footnote] will likely involve pursuing nearly all available options together.  These options will not all be undertaken simultaneously, but all options will be attempted (except #5) before the cycle is resolved.

Trillion Dollar Coin

Here are the 6 options I presented to AI:

  1. “Debt Jubilee”
  2. Adoption of a hard money
  3. MMT : Modern Monetary Theory
  4. “Soft Default”
  5. “Hard default”
  6. Transition to a new system

Google Bard’s AI suggested another 4 other options:

  • spending cuts
  • tax increases
  • government asset sales
  • debt restructuring

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Can Google Bard AI Translate Politically Polarized Statements Using the Braver Angels’ LAPP Technique?

Braver Angels

This morning I attended a “Braver Angels” educational session about how to depolarize political conversations.

The acronym for the technique is “LAPP“:

  • Listen to understand, not reload
  • Acknowledge what you heard
  • Pivot by assessing whether it’s OK to offer your views
  • Offer your Perspective, rather the position that “they’re wrong.”


I wondered, can Google AI perform Braver Angels‘ depolarization technique?

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