Jan 8 1992 GT Tachyon

Today’s feature…the model first drop bar bike GT produced. The 1992 GT Tachyon. GT introduced the Tachyon and the 700D wheel in the 1990 model year. I was a retailer at the time and we had a missionary buy a Tachyon load it with front and rear racks and head off to Africa for a year. Sold as a do everything bike…what made the Tachyon unique was the three tire choices that GT offered in the 700D wheel. You could run a 90# 1.4″ slick, a 1.4″ connecting ridge knobby or a 2.0 Gila Monster knobby as the bike I have shown. The whole idea behind the 700D was to have durability in a larger diameter wheel that was easier rolling. No one else jumped on the wheel size and GT abandoned it after three years. They also offered their Continuum flat bar model cross bike and their Quatrefoil Tandem with the 700D size. This is just a great all around bomber bike. I used it a lot as a commuter last year and have done some local trails on a few occassions with it and it’s just a fun ride. Tig welded Tange Infinity chromoly frame with a chromoly 2×4 adjustable dropout fork. Not light by any stretch but made to take it and hold up. Bomb proof Araya RM-20’s, Suntour Command shifters with Suntour XC LTD derailleurs, Dia Compe Brakes, GT Flip Flop stem. Offered in 16,18,20 and 22″ sizes c-c. I’ve owned them in 18, 20 and 22 but sold of the larger ones and have kept the 18″. If I needed a bike for loaded touring I’d have maybe kept one of the taller ones but just love this for town bombing and flatter trails. The 700D tires were last produced after the original GT sale in 99 and they are difficult to locate but the Panaracer and Pacenti 650B tires bead up just fine on the rims as there’s only a 3mm ERD difference…587 vs 584mm. I’m guessing that Kirk Pacenti loves having these out there because I think he’s selling a fair share of 650B tires to 700D wheel bike owners. After having ridden a 22″ Tachyon off and on as a commuter bike for a couple years I jumped at the chance to pick up this 18″, from a lady in NY off of craigslist, knowing it would be a better trail bike and after the first ride I new I’d never ride the bigger ones again so sold them off.