Have you ever met Donald Trump in real life? Is he the same person that the media portrays him to be? How is he different when not seen through the eyes of the media?

While President Trump’s modus operandi rubs many people the wrong way, it is important to stop and reflect on just how devilishly useful he is. He alone has shone a light on the terrible, hate-filled, biases in our MSM. There is no going back to the way this use to be, thankfully. This is historical change. He has also unmasked so many of the previously-thought-to-be “virtuous” institutions. So many organizations have shown their true motives. Through their reactions to President Trump, they’ve show us all their cards, and many…many of us do not like what we see. I have learned so very much about corporations, tech giants, retailers, colleges and schools, agencies, special interest groups, and social justice groups – based on their ghastly manipulative and vicious responses to President Trump. And these are institutionally important things that would never have been made known to me as the average consumer… any other way.

So, yes, I’ve been in the presence of Trump 2x. They were positive experiences.

..  President Trump makes people mad. He makes people so mad that they forget to keep their masks firmly in place. Their masks fall away and we see who they truly are. This is what I mean about President Trump being so devilishly useful.