Giggling Kavanaugh Implicates Georgetown Prep ‘Friends’ For Alcohol-Related ‘Trouble’

9/6/18: Sen. Kennedy (R-La.) question Kavanaugh about “getting into trouble” at Georgetown Prep, eliciting nervous laughter from Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh tells Sen. Kennedy (R-La.) that at Georgetown Prep “I had a lot of friends, I’ve talked a lot about my friends. And they’ve been here. So it was very formative.”

When Kennedy presses his question about “trouble,” Kavanaugh replies, “That’s encompassed by the friends, I think.”

Kennedy concludes by saying he’s decided to not ask Kavanaugh whether his underage friends were “sneaking a few beers past Jesus.” Kavanaugh shakes his head, says “Hey,” and giggles again.

Cornyn takes the mike, saying, “I for one am grateful for the senator’s self-restraint.” close