EXCLUSIVE: Sally Pipes On Why A Single-Payer Healthcare System Is Bad For America

An average Canadian family of four pays, through hidden taxes and fees, around thirteen thousand dollars for long waiting lists, rationed care, and light access to the latest treatment.

.. Also, there’s a shortage of doctors and hospital beds in Canada because doctors’ salaries are tied to what each provincial government is willing to pay for a procedure. Of course, a lot of doctors quit medicine and retired early.

.. This would mean that the United States would have the same problems as Canada. Rationed care, long waits, much higher taxes. That includes income taxes, corporate taxes, payroll taxes, and even if you doubled all of those taxes, it would not cover the cost of this of this single-payer system.

.. High premiums, high deductibles, narrow networks of doctors and hospitals, and only 12 million people covered in a country of over 330 million, so it has not worked.

.. I would like to see it fully repealed and then replaced with a plan that empowers patients and doctors, not the federal government.

.. The plan I would like to see would change the tax code to allow those with private insurance to get the [same] tax benefits as those with employer-based coverage. People who are insured through their employer get their coverage tax free, but if you go into the individual market you have to pay for it with tax dollars.  I would like to see

  • states reduce their mandates on healthcare. I would like to see
  • medical malpractice reform.
  • Doctors do practice defensive medicine because they are afraid of being sued. I’d like to see people be able to
  • buy insurance from across state lines. I’d like to see
  • Medicare made better by increasing the age limit from 65 because the average American lives to 79.
  • I would like to see changes to Medicaid.

.. there are only about six million people in the market who have chronic or pre-existing conditions. The solution to help those people is to allow the states to set-up high-risk pools with funds from the federal government so that those people could get coverage and not make younger, healthier people pay for those costs. High-risk pools are a great way to deal with people who have these pre-existing conditions.

.. Long wait periods, people dying in the hospitals, and it even talks about the Veterans Administration which is a true single-payer system. It discusses how harmful it has been to the vets, and how they need privatization so our vets can have the best care.