Episode 334: The Wall, the Shutdown, & the Immigrant w/Matthew Soerens

Confused about the current standoff in Washington over the president’s border wall? Matthew Soerens, U.S. Director of Church Mobilization for World Relief and National Coordinator for the Evangelical Immigration Table, is back to help us make sense of it all. He explains how the failure of immigration bills since 2013 got us to this place, and why neither Democrats nor Republicans are pursuing a common sense compromise. He also offers his thoughts on why so many Christians fail to see immigration as a biblical issue. Also this week: Phil pokes Mary Poppins, Trump is evangelicals’ Goliath, and the international competition to build the tallest Jesus statue.

16000 border patrol agents, 400,000 apprehensions.  2 apprehensions/month/agent  (1 hr 9 minutes)

Many people who voted for Trump didn’t distinguish between legal and illegal immigration.  They want lower immigration.

The threatening statistics don’t hold up under scrutiny.