Accessing a (new-style, public) Google sheet as JSON

If you want to use the latest API (v4), you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Generate a spreadsheets API key (see instructions below).
  2. Make your sheet publicly accessible.
  3. Use a request of the form:

You’ll then get a clean JSON response back:

  "range": "Sheet1!A1:D5",
  "majorDimension": "ROWS",
  "values": [
    ["Item", "Cost", "Stocked", "Ship Date"],
    ["Wheel", "$20.50", "4", "3/1/2016"],
    ["Door", "$15", "2", "3/15/2016"],
    ["Engine", "$100", "1", "30/20/2016"],
    ["Totals", "$135.5", "7", "3/20/2016"]

Note that if you want to specify the entire contents of a page, an identifier such as Sheet1 is perfectly valid.

See Basic Reading for more information.

As of v4 API, all requests must be accompanied by an identifier (e.g. API key):

Requests to the Google Sheets API for public data must be accompanied by an identifier, which can be an API key or an access token.