6 things I’ve learned in my first 6 months using serverless

The serverless world is pretty awesome once you find the right tools — and burn the middle layer to the ground

The true magic of SPAs is when you “deploy” an application, you’re simply copying index.html, bundle.js, and a handful of file dependencies to an S3 bucket front-ended by a CloudFront distribution. This gives you rock-steady distribution and loading behavior, and also enables multi-version management and any deployment methodology you prefer — just by managing text files.

.. In many respects, the hardest part of getting to serverless has been truly coming to grips with DynamoDB. You definitely make a few mistakes in the first few iterations, and its tempting to ditch the whole thing and go back to RDS where everything is known and comfortable.

SQL has been my crutch for a long time, and I’ll confess to putting way too much business logic into databases. But RDMS systems are just another monolith — failing to scale well and they don’t support the idea of organically evolving agile systems.

.. DynamoDB is a completely different animal. When you get it right, the NoSQL database provides blistering performance, massive scale, and practically no administrative overhead. But you really have to invest the time in exploring how it works — and the initial phases are full of gotchas aplenty.

.. You need to understand the way DynamoDB works, spend some time to understand indexing strategies, and how you intend to query the data. It’s very easy to jump into it without knowing all you need to know, so many people get burned and then move back to RDMS at exactly the wrong moment. Make mistakes and push through them.
One of the least-discussed joys of DynamoDB is the way you can attach code to table events using streams — like an SQL trigger that can do anything. These are extremely powerful.

.. My early experimentation with Lambda was a clunky affair of coding directly into the AWS console and getting frustrated that it took a lot of work and error messages to do some trivial things. The bridge that connects your IDE to a production environment is missing.
Well, its’ missing until you discover serverless framework which is honestly the most exciting thing I’ve found in ages.

.. cost 70–90% less.