ICPPUL: a type of malignant authority


ICPPUL: pronunciation    an acronym that represents a type of malignant authority which is:

    1. ignorant
    2. conflicted
    3. privileged
    4. power-over
    5. unaccountable, and
    6. lazy


  • pronounced: “ick – pull”  pronunciation
    • has a satisfyingly guttural pronunciation — it sounds almost like a swear word  🙂


  • The FUD campaign was conducted by a bunch of ICPPUL politicians.



What are some contexts in which the term “ICPPUL” is applicable?

  • For each type of authority, describe how a particular subset of actors is “ICPPUL:”




Christine Lagarde
Christine Lagarde
European Central Bank



Lagarde’s Bitcoin FUD  |  FUD Responses

  1. ignorant:
    • Fiat politicians do not understand Bitcoin.
  2. conflicted:
    • The government has a conflict of interest because Bitcoin competes with the Fiat monetary system and a future CDBC.
  3. privileged:
    • The politicians represent the cantillionaires, who benefit from their close proximity to the “money printer”.
  4. power over:
    • Fiat politicians and the cantillionaires are at the top of a corrupt hierarchy that represents the donor class and exercises power over, rather than allying itself with the people.
  5. unaccountable:
    • Corruption has been legalized and the vast majority of incumbents are repeatedly re-elected despite low approval ratings.
    • Politicians spend much more time “dialing for dollars” and meeting with donors than holding town halls and meeting with supposed constituents.
    • Politicians face no accountability for:
      • legalized corruption,
      • de-industrialization of the Rust Belt and outsourcing,
      • illegal invasion of Iraq,
      • torture, war crimes,  and sanctions
      • foreign coups/regime change, drone attacks, CIA impunity
      • 2008 financial crisis bailout,
      • climate change, environmental damage (including train derailments, etc)
      • mass surveillance
      • censorship and suppression of whistleblowers (Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, etc)
      • perjury/lies  (James Clapper, Lloyd Austin),  Lab leak origin, etc
  6. lazy:
    • They may work very hard serving cantillionaires and maintaining their position of power, but they don’t put in the work necessary to understand Bitcoin or how the Fiat monetary system is harmful.


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P.S. There are a multitude of unaccountable and conflicted systems in many sectors:

    • healthcare
    • military industrial complex
    • big tech
    • big energy
    • wall street / finance
    • big pharma
    • agribusiness
    • transportation: autos, airlines