I now have Fiber Internet to the Home through (Windstream Internet)

This afternoon, a Windstream tech install fiber in my basement.  (thin yellow cable)


Fiber Optic to Ethernet Internet Connection


The white Adtran box converts fiber to Ethernet for the modem

The black cord is power.

The Green cord is telephone cable (Voice)

The thick yellow cable is Ethernet (LAN) to modem

The thin yellow connection is fiber (Fiber)



Windstream DSL Modem

I was able to keep my old modem, which takes Ethernet from the Adtran fiber to ethernet converter.



  Previous DSL Current Fiber Fiber Upgrade Fiber Upgrade Fiber Upgrade
Download 50 mbps 200 mbps 400 mbps 500 mbps 1000 mbps
Upload 2 mbps 200 mbps 400 mbps 500 mbps 1000 mbps
Intro Price (monthly) $37 $37 $27 $47 $57
12 month price $37 $55 $55 $75 $85

Check Pricing & Availability in your Neighborhood



I still have the ability to call 911 on my phones (even though I dropped phone service).

The tech told me that the 911 call is routed over fiber.


Fiber into my Basement

Fiber Cable in home

The tech told me that fiber comes in a roll and really curls into a coil as it spreads out.

The black curling cable is fiber.

The other two cables coming from the ceiling are Ethernet and telephone.