Multi-resolution blog template

In late 2006, A List Apart had an article about “Adaptive Layout“,
which they described as an improvement over liquid CSS layouts because it is optimized for multiple screen resolutions and adjusts automatically.

I was intrigued, so I decided to experiment with an adaptive blog template that automatically adjusts itself to different screen resolutions, from an iPhone to a 1920×1200 monitor.

Blog Layout: Multiple Resolutions

The result isn’t very “polished”, but I finally got around to posting my own “adaptive blog layout”, which uses javascript to tell the browser to use a different body css class, depending upon the reader’s screen resolution.

Future Improvements

The template could be improved by paying better attention to the most common browser resolutions and developing grid-based versions tailored to specific resolutions. I did the opposite — I started with the content and defined CSS rules to fit my text and images.


License: Creative Commons

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