Is Oil A National Security Issue?

In an interview with two former Secretaries of State, Charlie Rose asked the question “Is oil a national security issue?”.

It is interesting that both said yes, and specifically the way that James Baker described how it has been recognized as official policy for at least 3 of the 4 presidents he served under.

Charlie Rose: “..Most people now consider it, with oil now at $140 a barrel, a national security issue. Do you?..

Warren Christoper: Oh, there is no doubt that our energy is a national security issue and will be for a long time ahead..

James Baker: “Energy has been a national security priority for a long time Charlie. I served in 4 administrations and I know for a fact that in 3 of those we had national security decision directives that said we would go to war in effect to protect our access to the energy reserves of the Middle East and and we in effect did that at one point..”

  • Charlie Raises the Question: 27:10
  • James Baker’s Response: 27:57-28:47
  • Carter Doctrine