Quoting Google Video

Charlie Rose is now available through Google Video!

You can always watch the latest show for free but archived shows cost $.99.

A while back, I showed how to quote Realvideo. I’d be interested in seeing a similar process for quoting Google Video

A quotable moment from last night’s show with Alberto Gonzales occured at 24:02.

Charlie Rose: Senators like Lahey and others including Republicans have said we did not, in voting for that force resolution, vote for any wiretaping; and it was specific that we did not; and by having a wiretapping provision in congressional legislation it was even more apparent.

Alberto Gonzalez

Alberto Gonzales: Well of course we are a nation of written laws not a nation of intentions of specific individuals in congress. Those of us who operate under the laws, members of the judiciary, we have to look at the written text what did congress say in the words that they used not what they think that they passed or what they think in their hearts they were passing.


It looks like google uses javascript to call up specific portions. It would be nice to see a URL api.