Paul Martin: world’s first big political blogger

Dave Winer pointed to a dark horse congressional canidate and a British MP who blog,
but I haven’t heard much about Canadian Finance Minister Paul Martin,
the leading candidate to succeed Prime Minister Chretien.

Photo: Paul Martin

It’s true that Paul’s style isn’t as informal as most bloggers, he doesn’t update very often,
and he doesn’t have permalinks or RSS, but he is the first high-ranking government official to post.

Now I’m waiting for the university presidents. It’s a group with a lot of potential.

I’ve seen the reports;
now show me the weblogs!


I haven’t “verified” my claim that Paul Martin is the highest ranking politician currently blogging, but Tim Bray’s article about scholarship got me thinking about fact checking.

My Conclusion: Unlike laws, which are assumed to be constitutional unless proven otherwise, weblog posts are not assumed to be true until after they’ve passed though the deliberative process of the blogosphere. (updated May 24, 11:21 am)