Fragments of Vision

World of Ends got a lot of links a few weeks ago but today I was reminided how foundational the idea of “centrality” is to our world view. We all want to avoid being “marginalized”– relagated to the periphery. Disconnected. Irrelevant.

Bloggers have words to describe this quest for status:

Weblogs don’t change power laws. Everyone has a voice, but don’t expect to be heard right away. I can imagine the Dave Winer’s frustration writing about weblogs for years before he got much attention. On the scale of history, 5 or 10 years is a revolution, but to the individual, revolutions can still feel like an eternity.

One of the advantages weblogs have in promoting a cause is the ability to archive fragments of vision. These fragements may go unnoticed for a while, but eventually they’ll start to pile up. Some of them will be too abstract or unactionable, but by constantly refering back to these fragements, you could can build something large, one day at a time.