Say no to “freedom phones”

A California Congressman has drafted a law that would require postwar Iraq use the CDMA cell phone standard. The bill would benefit Qualcomm corporation, whose headquarters are in his district and set the tone for Iraq’s post war reconstruction.

Photo: Darrel Issa

Darrell Issa demagogues for his cause by calling the competion (GSM) an “outdated French standard”. The important question to ask is not what an American Congressman wants, but what is in the best interests of Iraq.

GSM already has 60 million customers in the region and coverage in:

  • Kuwait
  • Jordan
  • Israel
  • Turkey
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt
  • Syria
  • Iran

America is not likely to gain new friends in the region if exhiles and visitors to Iraq need to purchase new dual chip cell phones.


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GSM’s response

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U.S. push for CDMA standard rebuffed