Mozilla Feature suggestions

I have two features suggestions for mozilla:

  1. make the google address bar search smarter
  2. add an html validitor to the browser

A Smarter Mozilla Address Bar

I use the google address bar search feature a lot and sometimes I forget to press the “tab” or down arrow key before I hit enter. This generates an error:

<br />
The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded.<br />

When my query is obviously not a URL, Mozilla should send me to google, not bark error messages at me. #

Built-In HTML Validator

Sometimes when my pages don’t render correctly, I go to to find out why. Usually the problem is an unclosed tag.

Mozilla could make more developer friends if it included built-in html validation. That way I don’t have to go and I can catch html problems earlier in the development cycle.

Javascript debuggers already exist for IE and Mozilla, why not html? Who knows, the number of sites with valid html may even reach 1% one day. #


  • April 11, 2009: It took a few years, but Firebug and other Firefox plugs are all that I was asking for and more!