Episode 244: Cultural Lies, Human Longings & the Gospel w/Trevin Wax

2 Myths of your Phone

  1. You have all the knowledge you need with this phone.
  2. The phone makes you the center of the world

There are three types of online comments:

  1. amen.
  2. how dare you.
  3. you’ve betrayed me.   (Were looking for confirmation, but were challenged) link

People that disagree with you are either ignorant or evil.

Posting to social media makes you significant.

It’s actually exhausting to have your best life now, be true to yourself, etc, to always be happy.   To find out what you most want and pursue it enough.

You have to win people with their felt need.  link

The gospel uncovers deeper needs than the superficial felt needs.

If our understanding of marriage looks like the rest of the world, but we persuade people on gay marriage, that’s not enough.


Skye steals Phil’s ukulele, sending Phil into an emotional tailspin. And Trevin Wax joins the podcast to talk about the lies we pick up from our culture, the longings we find beneath the lies, and how the gospel and the local church help us cut through the noise to offer real answers to our deepest longings.