Will God Now Use Donald Trump for His Plans and Purposes?

He reminded me that Abraham Lincoln was no darling of the Conservative Christians of the time. In the day of Charles Finney, when there were many devout Christians in America, Abraham Lincoln did not even proclaim to belong to any specific denomination. Yet, he was a God-fearing man and frequently quoted the Bible in public speeches during his presidency.

.. People can look at his whole history, but I certainly don’t want somebody judging me by who I was 10 years ago. I’ve grown up a lot since then. I see Trump not in terms of his three marriages or his casinos. I see him in terms of his work ethic. He’s driven by ambition to make something better. Most people miss this, but his kids adore him. How many Christians can be scrutinized by their kids’ opinion of them and by their work ethic? These are the aspects of Trump’s personality that make him a candidate that we should be looking at through a different lens instead of his casinos and his marriages.”