Here’s what the left doesn’t get about America

it was clear to me that, for some reason, many on the left see America as wicked, unholy, and in need of some sort of purification. The election of President Trump has only exacerbated this, with many Democrats now seeing a country that is broken in every sense of the word.

.. he cried “tears of rage” over Trump and that “there’s things that are savagely wrong in this country.”

.. This is what the left never seems to understand about America. This “pursuit of happiness” – what I have always perceived as being able to pursue any goal or opportunity that you wish – is something that no other nation offers its citizens. It is what makes this country exceptional above all else

.. He had the right to try, the right to fail, the right to make something more of himself. That is the secret sauce that makes America truly great.

.. There is no guarantee of success—only that you get a shot. The rest is up to you.

.. There is nothing “savagely wrong” with this country except for the savage nature of the politics that have divided us.