Apple Rejected My App for Using Google Sign-In

I created an app named Sightings which is a companion app for Pokemon go where users can report sightings of monsters and those nearby would be able to see them or get notifications if the app is running in the background.I submitted an update which was rejected by Apple because I used Google Sign-In. I thought it was the obvious choice for authentication methods since all Pokemon GO users will have one and it didn’t violate an app guidelines so I responded using the resolution center.

I got a call today from Apple and try as I might I could not convince them that my using Google Sign-In does not link to Niantic or the Pokemon Company and you don’t need to use the same account you use for Pokemon GO or even have a Pokemon GO account to use my app. They said if I switch to Facebook login or created my own that would fix the problem.

The token I get from Google when a user signs-in does not allow me to connect to Niantic’s API even if I wanted to but this was lost on the app reviewer.

I submitted an appeal to the review board and will post an update once its complete.