Where can I get a psychiatric analysis of Vladimir Putin?

Here are some comments by the CIA and psychologists.

Newsweek published an article “Putin is ‘Playing Madman’ to Trick the West,” in 2015, Dr Post spoke publicly about Putin. Previously, the Pentagon had provided a diagnosis of Putin in 2008, concluding that Putin had Asperger’s Syndrome. In that 2015 article, Dr Post is quoted as saying that Putin

“…sees himself as a current-day tsar who’s responsible for Russian-speaking peoples. But the person who’s most important to him is Putin himself, not the Russian people.”

The author writes that Putin’s steely surface is the result of being bullied as schoolboy. Dr Post goes on:

“He took up martial arts so as not to be pushed around by other kids. We’re seeing the same behavior in his leadership.”

The author comments that nuclear warheads may be the psychological equivalent of a schoolboy’s judo skills.

What Would Dr Post Say About President Putin?

Another psychologist attempts to do a psychological profile of Putin. He compares his personality to two US Presidents. But you would never guess who they were.

Psychological Profile of Vladimir Putin

Finally, a third identifies six identities of Putin. They point out that While the world has changed since the turn of the century, Putin has not.

Putin Personality Disorder