Profiling Python web applications with visual tools

I have been profiling my software with KCachegrind for a long time now and I was missing this option when I am developing API’s or other web services. I always knew that this is possible but never really took the time and dive into it.

Before we begin there are some requirements. We will need to:

What Math Looks Like in the Mind

“Across all humans, numerical thinking is supported by similar areas in the brain,” said Shipra Kanjlia, a graduate student in psychological and brain sciences at Johns Hopkins University, and the lead author of a paper that resulted from the experiment. “Does this change in people who have dramatically different perceptual experience—like people who have been blind their whole lives and have never seen the number of people at a party or the number of flowers in a field?”

.. But something even more surprising took place in the brains of blind participants as they performed math calculations: They were using a part of their brains for math that, among sighted people, is reserved for vision. And the more complex the math problem, the more active that region became. (Among sighted participants, this region of the brain was not active during the math task.)

.. In other words, some parts of the human brain are innately primed for mathematical thinking; whereas others flourish based on experience.