12 Typical Behaviors Of A Female Narcissist

Much focus is given to the male narcissist, and the destruction and abuse they cause. However, female narcissists can cause just as much destruction and can ruin your life. She may be your lover, co-worker, or boss, or even your mother. Just because the narcissist is a female does not make the abuse less, and does not mean she cannot destroy a man’s life. Emotional abuse can cause permanent physical damage to your brain, regardless if it is done by a male or female.

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0:00 Introduction
0:54 Pleasure Seeking
2:32 Loves To Break Up Relationships
3:32 Extremely Competitive
5:25 Weaponises Her Body
6:54 Appearance
9:02 Very Envies And Jealous
10:08 Loves Drama
11:16 Emotionally Sensitive
12:03 Cannot Handle Criticism
14:11 Prone To Having Affairs
15:15 Utter Disregard For Boundaries
16:40 Manipulative

Why Narcissists Absolutely Cling To A Victim Identity

Narcissists tend to have more than their fair share of conflicts and broken relationships. But as Dr. Les Carter explains, they rarely take responsibility for the problems they generate. Instead, they cling to The Victim’s identity…strongly. But as you understand the reasoning behind their posturing, you can detach from the emotional strain they throw your way.