Tucker Guest THIRSTS For ‘Chinese Skulls’ | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar comment on a segment from Tucker Carlson Tonight featuring a guest who expressed a bloodthirsty desire for ‘Chinese skulls’ and a more masculine military

The guy was too aggressive. I was in the NAVY when a deployment was on the horizon the sudden amount of female sailors that became miraculously pregnant was astounding. (Getting pregnant gets you out of a deployment)

“This segment of the Tucker Carlson Show brought to you by Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, etc.”

He’s not wrong about the pregnant women in the Navy. 🤣🤣

Love how fox news calls every left leaning person extremist but nods and agrees to talks about thrones adorned with skulls.

Does this guy even believe what he’s saying? It’s like some guests think it’s a contest to invent the most over the top rhetoric, with no regard for what it actually means …

“How many of our soldiers…”? Shit, I keep thinking about how many Arab women and CHILDREN were murdered in illegal wars based on lies. Can you imagine losing 10, 21 family members with an overwhelming number of them being children and women… And having that covered up, glossed over and ignored with no-one held accountable…

Brave guy talking a lot a shit about a war he won’t be personally fighting in. Prior service isn’t a pass to advocate for simplistic unquantified dumb shit on a national level.

I don’t disagree with his point about stacking skulls, that’s what the combat arms parts of our military do, and it should be their aggressive mindset. We can still see nuance inside that bubble, but that nuance won’t mean anything if we have to start killing to defend an objective.

I served in the military for 22 years and the last thing you want is people like this. They are far too intolerant to make good leaders or followers. Serving in the military means being able to tolerate others’ differences, otherwise, the unit can’t function as a whole. People like this in the military either learn to STFU or they get drummed out for bad behavior. Either way, they don’t last long.

By the way, we’ve already fought against China- a China that was barely developed- in the Korean War, and look how that went. You think it would go better today?

dude is over-compensating for something deep and personal i suspect… so glad i’m living my life as ME (Taiwanese here) rather than him. i pity him.

You’re giving this guy too much credit to say he’s a war monger. I don’t think he’s even clever enough for that. A better name for him would be provocateur or in street lingo – a shit disturber. He’s also a self promoter.

There are arguments to be made regarding wokeness in the US military. However, our military has a lot of duties/jobs that require many different skill sets. Women and gay people have served selflessly for decades. Obviously he can have his opinion, but comes off is a bit misinformed and lacking some respect. That said — he does a radio show and I’m sure the attention he’ll get from this will only help potentially build his audience, and he knows that I’m sure.

For those of us who have served we can attest that it’s the invincible, alpha-male, in your face macho leaders who are the cause of a lot of the problems (and subsequent woke reactions) that the military currently faces.

The most effective and lethal leaders are those who are humble, decisive, have high integrity, and are accountable to a fault…regardless of background, race, or gender.

First, I love that the length of this video is 5.56. Serendipitous, for sure. Secondly, the role of the military is to kill people and break things. Period. Blood thirst is beat into your head during basic training and during follow up training if your role is direct combat. “Show me your war face” is something that was actually demanded of me in my infantry unit. Though his presentation was crass, I was fully onboard with everything he said until the very end. “We can’t even get women off of Naval vessels, although half of them are already pregnant anyway.” Wow. How is that not the primary focus of this reaction video? Having a desire to sit on a pile of Chinese skulls? That should absolutely be the mindset of a fighting force. The complaint that we shouldn’t want war and we should be aware that a pile of Chinese skulls only comes at the cost of American skulls is exactly correct. But that is the mindset for civilians and their elected representatives to hold. Not the guy whose sole job is to stack up that pile of enemy skulls.

As a Marine vet, ya we talked liked this among the ranks but kept it tight among the civilians. I think he needed to fine-tune his message for the audience he was addressing. Though, wokeness ain’t the reason the military is faltering. It’s overextended and the stuff we’re getting is expensive and it’s fckn crap.

If an Iranian or Taliban media figure had said that about “American skulls,” we’d be there immediately dropping more bombs than Steph Curry

Blind hate of your enemy makes you weak. Only when you respect your opponent do you have a chance of defeating them.

40 years ago it was Russian Skulls. Enemies come and go with political positions.

Remember that ACTUAL warmongers never talk that way… It’s all about “American values” and “protecting our allies”

Maybe we should ramp up domestic manufacturing before we go to war with a country that supplies us with the majority of our goods

Considering America has lost two wars against China by proxy, both Korea and Vietnam, I don’t know I’d be wishing for a conflict as American lol

i feel like you guys should get one person on to talk about financial news or something. i feel like there’s more to news you guys could do and expanding breaking points. would even be more content.

I think the fact that Jesse did serve kind of makes his remarks more damming. Because it sounds like this guy wants to commit war crimes.

What’s the most moving thing you’ve seen or heard today?

I was browsing the internet when I came over this interesting photo. This is a snake that has killed itself by trying to strangle a saw.

Story behind it? This snake accidently cut itself when it encountered the saw. The snake got angry, so it tried to fight back by strangling the saw, which, of course, eventually resulted in its death.

This story has a moral: don’t be vengeful to others because doing so will only result in pain brought to yourself.

What are the typical actions or reactions of a vengeful INTJ?

Vengeance is not an INTJ trait. It’s stupid and beneath us; playing the getting-even game. INTJ isn’t in competition with everyone else, they just do their own thing their own way. They really don’t pay that much attention to what others are doing, content to let others do their own thing.

However, there is a thing that looks like vengeance but isn’t vengeance with an INTJ. It is requital according to merits or desserts, especially for evil. Others who do the evil—I’ll call them assholes—often see it as vengeance, because they do not believe they did anything wrong to deserve the INTJ requital.

INTJ is firmly grounded in a strong sense of justiceobjective justice, which cannot be honestly disputed. That stance of being-in-the-right really pisses the asshole off which, strangely and quite foolishly, makes the asshole escalate against the INTJ.

To INTJ, assholes are stupid for not backing off, and deserve what they get.

When objectively wronged, INTJ will walk away until it becomes evident that walking away will not end what is being done to them. INTJ will tolerate a lot, much more than most people will tolerate. Stupid people mistake that tolerance for weakness. Evil people try to exploit that tolerance. Not a good idea.

Then, INTJ will warn. Smart people heed the warning and back off.

Then. . .

INTJ will act. It will be done without further warnings, and they will act without any threats or announcements.

The acts of requital INTJ performs will be like a weapon of mass destruction was unleashed on the asshole, leaving them as nothing more than a pile of dust.

The requital will be highly creative, and precisely targeted to the most vulnerable aspects of the asshole, until there is nothing left to dick with the INTJ any more. This will be done in a manner that is completely legal, leaving the asshole with no legal remedies against the INTJ. If the asshole tries anything illegal (yes, they are often that stupid), INTJ will have anticipated it and the asshole will be nailed in the act.

Then, INTJ will walk away and leave the asshole alone as long as the asshole leaves them alone.

The take-away from this is, INTJ is really a very tolerant and gentle person, until someone crosses their line in the sand. Then they are as cold-blooded and precise as executioners. By then, their target has lost any right to forbearance or mercy in the INTJ court of justice.