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Aaron Mate of the Grayzone and ‘Pushback’ joins the show to talk recent developments in #Russiagate, how it’s helping Trump, plus Matt and Katie continue to dive into the Stupid Bay of Pigs

A Debate on Maduro: Two Venezuelans Oppose U.S. Intervention But Differ on Steps Ahead

 I was in Venezuela last
May for the re-election of president
Maduro there was actually an election he
was not a dictator nine million people
voted Maduro received six million votes
there were more than 150 international
election observers and they unanimously
came out and said that had met
international standards for democracy
there was no fraud and Maduro was
legitimately elected and comparing that
to who i do’
grideau won second place in the National
Assembly election 24% of the vote in the
second smallest state with a tiny
political party he got in because the
top to get in and so got in because the
top two winners the top two in the the
race get into the legislature so he got
in barely got into the legislature from
a tiny state with a tiny party and then
he was elevated by Trump Trump and pence
to be the president he he was unknown
almost well the night but it was a
process actually that began in January
at the OAS they had multiple meetings to
try to resolve this Leopoldo Lopez was
on from video conference they’ve been
working on this for the early this that
long then finally they decided on on
Guido as their guy and the night before
that grideau self appointed Michael
Pence called him said we’re behind you
if you do it the as soon as Mike as soon
as a Guido announced Trump immediately
endorsed him got the right-wing
governments in Latin America and the
Western European countries to do it to
join them why because the example of an
independent Venezuela is a powerful
example that they don’t want to see