A Conversation With Rory Sutherland

16:30: It can be advantageous to describe a benefit or trade-off to a

Normally when you travel by air, you expect an airbridge to your terminal, but one pilot said “I’ve got bad news and good news: The bad news is .. the good news is we have a bus that will take you right to passport control”

There always was an upside to the bus, but pointing it out creates value.

Prius: By enabling people to have a small, modest car without having any stigma about it. (21 min)

If there was a limit on how much you could save, people would use to as a target (29 min)

Economics is an analysis with all the other interesting variables set to zero.

If you have 5% Muslims, the kitchen will go halal because non-muslims don’t care.

Wine is the universal donor.

If you hire 10 at a time, you hire for diversity, rather than hiring the median.  Family gets a van and a small car.