Is Socially Responsible Capitalism Losing?

When companies prize investors above all, they’ll do anything to increase their stock price, and that’s not good for workers.

.. a Citigroup analyst named Kevin Crissey wrote in a note that was sent to the bank’s clients. “Labor is being paid first again. Shareholders get leftovers.” Jamie Baker, of JPMorgan, also chimed in: “We are troubled by AAL’s wealth transfer of nearly $1 billion to its labor groups.”

.. the company and agreed to cut its driver stock awards because they couldn’t find new investors to finance its growth.

.. “The interesting thing is always to ask them, ‘What’s the value proposition for employees? Why should these people work only for the interest of the shareholders? How are you going to get people to work hard?’ ” He went on, “I don’t think they have an answer.”

.. “If you are a millionaire and all around you is poor, you have no safety,” Sarder, who comes from Bangladesh, said. “Happiness is there when everyone has happiness.”