How Fast Would Usain Bolt Run the Mile?

El Guerrouj weighed a hundred and twenty-eight pounds at the time and stood five feet nine inches tall in his running socks. Those few who’ve come close to running a mile as fast as El Guerrouj have been roughly the same size, and that’s not a coincidence: if you wish to run middle or long distances quickly, it helps to travel light.

.. his best two-hundred-metre (19.19), four-hundred-metre (45.28), and eight-hundred-metre (2:10) times make that clear.

.. “But those people on the site are all distance runners who have no idea what they are talking about.”

.. “He’s a total fast-twitch-muscle-fibre guy.

.. nine-time Olympic gold medalist and sprinting specialist Carl Lewis struggling to run a 2:16 half-mile in his prime