56% of Webpages Don’t Have a Canonical Tag Set

So how many webpages don’t have a canonical tag set?

Based on our research and the data gathered from our site search health reports, we estimate that around 56% of web pages don’t have a canonical set.

This was a quick sampling of only 50 site search health reports, but there’s a clear pattern emerging — sites are either very good at setting their canonicals, or very bad.

We also don’t know how many of the sites have their canonicals set correctly until we start indexing and performing searches on their website. Just because they’re set doesn’t mean they’re necessarily doing the right thing — some websites have every canonical set to the homepage, which defeats the point of even having the tag set.

fresh-url: clean up URLs

Drop this script on your page and enjoy the freshest of URLs

Include this JavaScript at the bottom of your page:

<script src="//fast.wistia.net/labs/fresh-url/v1.js" async></script>


  • Neat-URL
  • URL-Tracking-Stripper:  skipping tracking redirects and removing the tracking parameters from URLs to keep them short and cleaner for sharing, bookmarking, etc.  (trackers)
  • Link Cleaner : Unlike other legacy add-ons like CleanLinks, Link Cleaner doesn’t inject JavaScript into pages to change links. Instead, it listens to main url requests and changes them (if needed to remove redirects or tracking.

    That means it’s doing less unneeded work and consumes less resources (memory and CPU).