Spicer on the loose

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had just wrapped up her daily briefing when her gleeful predecessor came bounding up the White House driveway Thursday afternoon. He had been in meetings off campus, he said, and hadn’t been able to catch his old show on television.

A departing press secretary with what appears to be at least a mild case of senioritis, smiling Spicer also didn’t have much to say about the latest, drama-filled episode of “As The White House Turns.”

.. Did he have any defense of Trump’s Twitter announcement Wednesday that transgender individuals would be barred from serving in the military?

“You can ask Sarah,” he said. It’s no longer, really, his problem.

.. Spicer was greeted by reporters departing from the briefing room, some of whom thanked him for putting in his time — a once combative relationship turned friendly and jokey in its final hurrah.

One reporter extended, as a chewy olive branch, a packet of cinnamon gum, Spicer’s addiction made famous by comedian Melissa McCarthy on “Saturday Night Live.”